18 Times Tourists Ruthlessly Destroyed And Hurt Nature, All For A Picture

18 Times Tourists Ruthlessly Destroyed And Hurt Nature, All For A Picture

Tourists have gone too far just so they can get the perfect click for their online profiles. From hurting animals to destroying nature they have done it all!

How far would people go to get that one perfect shot on a vacation? A bit too far actually. It seems as if these tourists completely lose their minds when they see beautiful monuments or animals around them. The only thing that they focus on is to get an insta-worthy picture for their decorative online profile and that ends up hurting many endangered species of animals and vandalizing priceless masterpiece of nature. 

Here's a reminder of the times when tourists went a bit too and far and destroyed nature just to attain a few moments of fame. I hope this serves as a reminder to be mindful of what one does. It's our planet, people.  We have to save it and it's brilliant creatures.

1. A hot spring in Yellowstone National Park used to be blue and now it is turning green ever since tourists started throwing in coins for good luck. 


2. A couple of tourists chased Tibetan antelopes just to get a few amazing shots. How inhumane is that?


3. Beautiful bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan, was vandalized by tourists.

Source: Facebook


4. Tourists destroyed the Beautiful Azalea blooms in China simply for fun.



5. A baby dolphin lost its life because people were too busy clicking selfies instead of calling the rescue team. 


6. A tourist was caught on camera burying her daughter's used diaper in the sand at  Boracay beach

Source: YouTube


7. South China Morning Post reported people destroying rare pink grass just for a few clicks

Source: Facebook


8. Oregon Rock Formation was destroyed by tourists

Source: Instagram/ YouTube


9. Beaches are taken for granted. Here's an example posted by a Redditor

Source: Reddit


10. According to the Mirror, Harry Potter fans defaced the La Casa dos Mouros dolmen in Vigo, Galicia which is the cultural remnant of an ancient civilization.



11. The increasing presence of tourists at the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, have been scaring Olive Ridley sea turtles away because they want a closer picture


12. The Longqiao Cultural and Ecological Park in Sichuan, China, cannot hold on to its beauty for long as tourists tend to break into the area and pick out all the beautiful lotus flowers. 



13. The Saint Michael Statue in Lisbon, Portugal, was knocked down by a tourist when he was trying to take a selfie 

Source: amusearte

14. Tourists broke a popular "Two Hercules" statue in Cremona, Italy, all for a selfie

Source: YouTube


15. Two tourists vandalized the Olmec Monumental Sculptures In Tabasco, Mexico



16. Chinese tourists doing stupid things at Yellowstone National Park

Source: Imgur


17. According to the New York Post, Iceland's moss-covered hills were vandalized. It would take 70 years to grow them back. The picture was uploaded by a Facebook group 

Source: Facebook


18. A Bali Dive School reveals how corals have been defaced.


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