Top Police Trainer Says Sex After Killing "Is The Best Sex" Because It’s "Very Intense"

Top Police Trainer Says Sex After Killing "Is The Best Sex" Because It’s "Very Intense"

David Grossman encourages cops to not hesitate when it comes to using lethal force, and to "kill without conscious thought."

Cover Image Source: Facebook/Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Trigger Warning; This story contains instances of police brutality that may be disturbing to readers. 

Police brutality and race-motivated violence are a major issue across the country, and a number of BIPOC civilians have lost their lives in an instant. At a time like this, a video by author and leading enforcement trainer Dave Grossman has resurfaced online. It's not being shared because he's got something valuable to add, but for the very reason that his speech encourages what everyone's been fighting against. In the clip, which is believed to be from a police training session, Grossman can be heard saying, "Killing is just not that big a deal." He goes on to add that cops can experience "the best sex" and "very intense sex" after killing another human.



Per god.dailydot.com, Grossman is known to be someone who pushes training that encourages cops to not hesitate when it comes to using lethal force and making it possible for them to “kill without conscious thought." Shockingly, this is not his first time doing so. As a prior army veteran, he has been heavily criticized for his views on violence and closed combat. Those same views have been converted to books, and some of them are mandatory reading material for the FBI academy and several other training institutes. A 2017 article in Mother Jones sheds light on how Grossman spent over two decades training soldiers how to kill more efficiently.



Now, what sets this particular video apart is just how casually Grossman talks about the relationship between sex and killing. According to Insider, the video is from 2015. "I am convinced from a lifetime of study if you fully prepare yourself, in most cases killing is just not that big of a deal. For a mature warrior who has prepared their self's mind, body and spirit for a lifetime, for a mature warrior whose killing represents a clear and present danger to others, it's just not that big of a deal," Grossman confidently states to a group in a segment filmed for the 2016 police militarization documentary Do Not Resist.



"Cop says 'knockdown, dragged-out fight, cuffed him and stuffed him, finally get home at the end of the shift and…!'" says Grossman. "Cop says 'gunfight, the bad guy’s down, I’m alive! Finally, get home at the end of the incident, and…' they all say 'the best sex I’ve had in months.' Both partners are very invested in some very intense sex." He adds, "There’s not a whole lot of perks that come with this job. You find one, relax and enjoy it." The videos were originally shared by the Twitter account Resist Programming. The team also highlighted footage of Grossman nonchalantly admitting that "killing is just not that big a deal" and cops should "feel good about it."


However, one of the videos was taken down due to copyright infringement. As expected, there were plenty of people who were horrified by these statements. One user shared: A psychopath turning men into future psychopaths. This is the most disgusting thing I've seen in a long time. And you wonder why a lot of cops have no problems killing people. This is brainwashing 101. Sickening. Another added: This is like a Porky’s version of professionalism. Everyday people call the police for help hoping that they will get caring, competent, capable people to respond to violence in their community, and this is what the top trainer charges depts. to teach officers. Sad!




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