Top Doctor Arrested For Strangling Wife To Death And Then Dumping Her Body In A Pond

Top Doctor Arrested For Strangling Wife To Death And Then Dumping Her Body In A Pond

The wife had filed a restraining order against her abusive husband around February but later reconciled with him.

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A once-prominent surgeon at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center has reportedly admitted to killing his wife by strangling her and then dumping her lifeless body into a pond nearby, reports NBC Boston. The deceased wife had accused him of "strangling" her and "cutting her with scissors" and she was just so afraid of his abuse that she took out a restraining order against him, adds Daily Mail. All this abuse took place during their months-long marriage as the couple tied the knot only last December after dating for over two years, states Boston Globe.


Dr. Ingolf Tuerk, 58, confessed to choking his wife to death over an argument, according to the criminal complaint from the district court in Dedham, southwest of Boston, reports CNN. Tuerk, also known as Harry, claimed that he and his wife, Kathleen McLean, were having a drink when they soon began to argue. A heated McLean allegedly hit Harry on the head with an object and "he reacted to that aggressive situation and choked Katie," according to the criminal complaint. 45-year-old McLean's body was discovered on Saturday by the  Massachusetts State Police near the couple's Valley Road home in Dover.


It is understood that Harry was arrested and charged with her murder after he himself led the cops to McLean's body. He admitted to having placed the body in a nearby pond and placed a rock on top of the body, according to police documents. When the body was found, the police discovered several stones in her pants, probably to weigh her down. The married couple didn't have a smooth-sailing relationship as just two months after their wedding Harry was facing charges for abusing her. McLean told the cops that she couldn't take the physical abuse any longer and that she was filing for divorce. 


"She said she was afraid of Ingolf and did not know what he would do once she had filed for divorce," the report said. She told family members and two friends who were police officers about the abuse “in case something happened to her.” She even said that he had lost his job and that he sat around the house.  But, it seems that earlier this month, the two had reconciled, and McLean even asked for the restraining order to be lifted, saying she did not want to pursue criminal charges. The couple even started attending couple's therapy sessions and Harry decided to go for individual therapy sessions as well.


“I feel safe and would like to bring my family back together with my husband,” the mother-of-three wrote in a May 2 court affidavit, later adding, “My goal is to salvage our family including reuniting with my husband as father and stepfather to my children.” Harry had two children of his own. On Sunday, those close to McLean mourned her death. John DeLima who has been friends with McLean since they were teenagers, said that she was the "kindest person I’ve ever known.” However, DeLima revealed that she'd described her husband as an angry man. 


“Several times I heard things. ... Just that he was angry and very controlling and that he put hands on her in the past,” he said. Larry Corcoran, 50, a friend of McLean's said that Harry had grown despondent and was becoming a heavy drinker. “The slow deterioration of his career as doctor and surgeon is when he started getting more violent,” Corcoran said, based on her account. Harry was once the star of the region's medical community. Last year, Harry agreed to pay $150,000 in a settlement agreement to resolve allegations he falsely billed the state's Medicaid program.


This was for "portions of surgical procedures that never took place and office visits that he did not attend or supervise," according to the state attorney general's office. He was working as a medical doctor of urology at St. Elizabeth's Hospital at the time. According to spokesman Patrick Lombardo with Steward Medical Group, which operates St. Elizabeth's Hospital, "Dr. Tuerk has not seen or treated patients as part of Steward Medical Group for more than a year. He was formally terminated in February." Turek was ordered to be held without bail during his court arraignment on Monday by a judge at Dedham District Court and ordered not to have contact with his wife's family. His next court date is June 10. 


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