Tom Hanks, 'The Nicest Guy In Hollywood' Celebrates 64th Birthday By Diving Into A Pool

Tom Hanks, 'The Nicest Guy In Hollywood' Celebrates 64th Birthday By Diving Into A Pool

The Forrest Gump actor took to Instagram and posted a delightful video celebrating his birthday by taking a huge dive into a pool.

Image Source: Instagram/Rita Wilson

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks just turned 64 and celebrated his birthday with a little pool time. The Forrest Gump actor took to Instagram and posted a delightful video of taking a huge dive into a pool and splashing water everywhere. The caption read, This Greyhound is 64!! Hanx, referring to his upcoming World War II battleship drama Greyhound. His doting wife Rita Wilson also took to Instagram and congratulated Hanks on his big day. Alongside a happy picture of Hanks, she wrote a sweet message for the caption which read: Happy Birthday, @tomhanks We love you so much. You are our anchor. Every day with you is a blessing. “Give me your answer, fill in a form. Mine for evermore. Will you still need me, will you still feed me
When I'm sixty-four” YES!


Many fans of the actor took to various social media platforms to wish Hanks a very happy birthday. One user Jane Elizabeth wrote: Happy Birthday Mr Hanks @tomhanks
Thank you for all the entertainment! You're the BEST! Another user named David shared: Wishing the fabulous film Actor and filmmaker @Tom_Hanks5 a happy 64th birthday! My mama always said, ‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.'”-Forrest. My favourite film Actor Tom Hanks. Then there was @mrangelbabyGOD, who lauded Hanks for the humble man he was. Happy birthday handsome. I just love your humble heart. EARTH ANGEL, they wrote


Tom Hanks' down to earth attitude and generous heart has been in talks since last year when The New York Times published an article titled This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad. Vouching for the actor's "nicest guy in Hollywood" reputation author Taffy Brodesser-Akner listed down a number of stories, including the time he stopped the shooting of his 2008 film Angels and Demons just to escort a bride and her father to the altar to the time when he randomly helped out Girl Scouts sell cookies to strangers. Brodesser-Aknerouching's article, which was published on November 13, World Kindness Day, quickly set off an avalanche of other stories about him that is sure to male you want to worship him. 


The author also posted a link to the article on Twitter and revealed how interviewing Hanks turned out to be a rather healing experience for her. "I was going through a spell of depression—too much exposure to the misery of this world—when I started interviewing @tomhanks; I'm not anymore. Did you know that celebrity profiles can heal you?" she wrote. While the tweet was enough to prove the actor's "nicest guy in Hollywood" persona, more stories followed making the day one of the purest in the history of Twitter. 


Story's been up a few hours, and I just woke up (I'm traveling, don't judge me). But I've already received a ton of supplementary Tom Hanks Is Wonderful stories, in addition to the ones I have that didn't fit in. I have a busy day, but I'll try to get them in there, wrote Brodesser-Aknerouching in a follow-up tweet. Keeping her promise she began sharing never-before-heard heartwarming stories about the actor. Take a look below:









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