Tom Hanks Is The Nicest Guy In Hollywood And These Heartwarming Stories Prove Just That

Tom Hanks Is The Nicest Guy In Hollywood And These Heartwarming Stories Prove Just That

People from all over the world came up with hearfelt stories of how their encounter with Tom Hanks restored their faith in celebrities.

I've probably never come across someone who doesn't like Tom Hanks. He's got that sparkle in his eyes that translate into kindness when he smiles. There's also evidence of him genuinely being the nice guy everyone thinks he is. The New York Times published an article titled This Tom Hanks Story Will Help You Feel Less Bad earlier this week, and author Taffy Brodesser-Akner took the opportunity to list out a number of stories testifying the celeb's "nicest guy in Hollywood" situation, citing evidence from the time he stopped the shooting of his 2008 film Angels and Demons to escort a bride and her father to the altar to when he randomly helped out Girl Scouts sell cookies to passers-by. 



The article was published on November 13 which is also World Kindness Day and there isn't a better way to honor the actor. This gave people many reasons to post more heartwarming stories of how Tom Hanks is the nicest human being and trust me, each and every single one of these stories will only make you want to WORSHIP him for his heart and soul. It is rare to come across such people in real life, especially if they're a celebrity. 



Brodesser-Akner posted a link to the article on Twitter to reveal that interviewing Hanks turned out to be a healing experience for her. "I was going through a spell of depression—too much exposure to the misery of this world—when I started interviewing @tomhanks; I'm not anymore. Did you know that celebrity profiles can heal you?" she asked.

I mean, this in itself was enough reason to believe that Hanks is the nicest guy in Hollywood, but there was more to come.  Brodesser-Akner's tweet was just the beginning. 



Brodesser-Akner did not expect such an overwhelming response, but she was quite pleased that people were sharing more stories of Tom Hanks being his true, beautiful self with her and she was more than happy to just share it with everyone else.

In a follow-up tweet, she wrote: "Story's been up a few hours, and I just woke up (I'm traveling, don't judge me). But I've already received a ton of supplementary Tom Hanks Is Wonderful stories, in addition to the ones I have that didn't fit in. I have a busy day, but I'll try to get them in there."



She remained true to her word and started to share never-before-heard heartwarming stories about the Saving Private Ryan star. I must say that reading these testimonials about Hanks and his kindness has moved me to tears and I will never adore anyone else like I do Hanks. Also, he gives me faith that there's still some good left in this world. Here are some of the stories people shared about the most loved actor in the industry: 














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