Toddler Tragically Killed In Hit-and-Run While Playing In Driveway

Toddler Tragically Killed In Hit-and-Run While Playing In Driveway

The driver of the car did not even stop to check on the child. Her parents rushed her to the hospital where she succumbed to her injuries.

A one-year-old toddler in Indiana died tragically after being hit by a car while playing in her driveway, reports People. Her family and the rest of the community are now in search of answers. "How could you drive away from something like that? I don’t care if you don’t have insurance or if you were high, how could you drive away when you saw a baby like that? How could you do that?"Jean Bland, Indianapolis resident, and neighbor told WXIN. 21-month-old Giselle Quiroz, the victim, was playing in her family’s driveway on  Sunday evening when a car driving near the curb hit her, according to reports by WCVB



At the time of the incident, Giselle’s parents were outside watching her play. The driver who hit her didn’t stop and fled from the scene. "They didn’t stop and that was wrong. Accidents happen, but they need to stop and take account for what they did," neighbor Lela Miller said. Bland also said that this wasn’t the first time a driver dangerously sped down the northwest neighborhood’s street.



"They fly down this street. They always have and always will and it’s scary," she said. The neighbors hope the driver is found and is charged with the murder of an innocent child. "I think anybody that will hit a child and leave them is kind of sick," Miller said. "You have to stop and see if you can help." The vehicle that struck Giselle is described as a gray four-door sedan. This is also reportedly the eleventh fatal hit-and-run in the city this year. Last year, Indianapolis had 14 similar crimes.



If anyone has information on the car or the driver, they are requested to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS. Calls will remain anonymous and it will help bring justice to a child that lost her life so early on.  "I think if you have children and you have a heart, you feel it. It’s emotional," said neighbor Jean Bland. Police are still searching for the driver who fled the scene without even stopping to see if the baby was alright. 



People were outraged by the incident. Brandy Nicole Helton wrote: So sad! Sending Love and Prayers to the Family.  the person who did this may not even know they did it. They could have been impaired and don’t have a clue what happened. I pray someone comes forward and gives this family and this beautiful baby girl the justice they deserve. Are we as parents supposed to hide our kids away? No this was a tragic accident that was only preventable by the reckless driver. This is NOT on the parents!



Zella Moore added: Maybe now the state will listen to all of us putting in requests for more stop signs in this area. It won’t make much of a difference, but hopefully slow people down. They FLY through these streets. We’re all scared to let our kids play in our yards. I hope this monster is caught. Jennifer Brenton Case posted: Thoughts and prayers to this little one's family. I couldn't imagine the pain and grieving you're going through right now




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