This Three-Year-Old Had A Spooky 'The Nun' Themed Birthday Party, And People Can't Keep Calm!

This Three-Year-Old Had A Spooky 'The Nun' Themed Birthday Party, And People Can't Keep Calm!

After her cousin posted pictures of the birthday bash on Twitter, actress Bonnie Aarons wished the little girl. Jordon Peele, too, also replied.

You'd think kids are predictable when it comes to their birthday and how they want to celebrate it, but once in a while they sometimes manage to sneak in a surprise that throws us off-guard. In Mexico, a three-year-old girl had an unusual request for the theme for her birthday.  Unlike most toddlers who'd opt for a princess or superhero theme, Lucia Brown had a more sinister approach in mind.  She wanted the theme of her birthday party to be from the 2018 horror flick: The Nun. When her cousin posted pictures of her on Twitter, people couldn't keep calm!


Her mother Laura Brown told Good Morning America that Lucia insisted on watching the movie after she catching a glimpse of it at her grandmother's house. "[Lucia's grandmother and her father] told her it wasn't a cartoon, but she insisted," she said. After her constant pleas, her parents decided to let her watch it, thinking she would be too scared to watch the entire film. To their surprise, Lucia sat through the whole thing. When her birthday was approaching, Laura asked her daughter which character she wanted as a theme for her party. Her answer shocked her as she responded with "The Nun." 


How many toddlers do you know who bails on superhero characters and chooses a villainous spirit as the theme instead? Hardly any, right? This is the exact thought that was running through Laura's mind and she urged her daughter to choose something a little "not so dark" character like Rapunzel. "I kept asking her for months and the answer was always the same: 'The nun the nun the nun.' I told her, 'No way, you are going to choose Rapunzel," she said. 



The demonic force that Lucia was so fascinated by was played by Bonnie Aarons in the movie The Nun. This movie was a prequel to the Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga starrer The Conjuring 2 which was set in 1977. Both actors played Ed and Lorraine Warren, a tormented ghost-hunter couple who are at war with this inhuman spirit named Valak. Now, the prequel takes the audience back to the '50s to explore the origins of this pale-faced Nun. Of course, the very sight of Valak is enough to scare away children but not Lucia.


Finally, her mother conceded and made her daughter's wish come true. Pictures from June 3 was uploaded on the Internet with the little Nun fanatic dressed to the tee as Valak with her face painted pale white and black circles painted around her eyes. She had the time of her life that day, as she was seen running, jumping, and playing in the costume reported PEOPLE. To top it all off, she also had a birthday cake with a picture of the inhuman spirit printed on it.  


Lucia's cousin @dreeaaxo_ uploaded a string of photographs, featuring the toddler along with an inflatable nun on June 4. She wrote: So it was my cousins 3rd birthday and instead of having a normal theme she chose this. And followed it up with another post: And if anyone was wondering yes her friends also participated in the theme. Twitterati was quick to make this post viral and it has already been retweeted more than 137k times and has received over 597k likes.


The famous actor, comedian, and filmmaker Jordan Peele, too, could not help but comment on these adorably dark-themed pictures. Replying to the post, the Us and Get Out creator posed a question: Does she have a Godfather? To this @dreeaaxo_  hilariously responded: She does but he will forfeit the rights so we can hand them over to you. The best comment had to be from the Valak-playing actress herself! Bonnie Aarons wished her cutest little fan and wrote: Happy Birthday Lucia!!! HAPPY EVERY DAY!!! Additionally, the official Walking Dead account replied to the tweet with three black heart emojis. 


Lucia's mother also posted pictures of this spooky bash on her Facebook page and captioned it: Like when your daughter turns 3, and her favorite character is the nun. Everything is to see her happy!!! During an interview with San Antonio Express-News, Lucia's cousin said, "They were very supportive of her wanting this theme, especially because Lucia was very persistent. They had to go out of their way to make the pinata and cake special for the occasion because as you can imagine, those aren’t popular requests." She further added, "I know people see The Nun and get scared, but Lucia tells her mom that nun is protecting her."


 Twitterati had a lot of hilarious and heartwarming responses to it.












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