Tiny Rabbit Madly In Love With Giant Girlfriend Who Is 4 Times His Size: "I Think He Knows She'll Protect Him"

Tiny Rabbit Madly In Love With Giant Girlfriend Who Is 4 Times His Size: "I Think He Knows She'll Protect Him"

A 4-pound Dwarf rabbit named Romeo is completely smitten by his 16-pound giant Flemish rabbit girlfriend. The two spend all day snuggling with each other and are inseparable.

While us humans were busy buying flowers and candy on Valentine's Day, the story of far sweeter romance has surfaced. This tale of true love has its mushy beginning under the roof of the Covelli household. Like most nice families, the Covellis too had room in their hearts and their home for a sweet little pet. After some deliberation, one imagines, they discovered that there was a rabbit shaped hole in their heart. It was not long before they welcomed Lilly Sunshine into their lives. Little miss Sunshine immediately warmed their hearts and brought the Covellis much joy, considering there was much of her to go around. A Flemish giant bunny, her ample self tipped the scales to an impressive 16 pounds, which is more than the weight of two Chihuahuas combined! Life was good in the Covellli household and they believed that their family, with Lilly Sunshine in it, was finally complete.  

However, the family soon began to feel that as much as Lilly Sunshine loved them she seemed to look a little lonely. The bunny-loving family put their heads together and soon came up with a plan to fix that. Enter, Romeo. Quite literally, it so happens. A tiny 4-pound Dwarf bunny, Romeo was introduced to now 3-year-old Lilly Sunshine last August. The family thought it would be nice for Lilly Sunshine to have a friend to play with. But, Romeo had other plans. As soon as he had laid eyes on his curvy housemate, the little chap was floored. She proved to be more than his tiny heart could take.

Fortunately, for Romeo, Lilly Sunshine felt the same way about him too. And thus began a love story between a 4-pound Dwarf bunny and a 16-pound giant Flemish rabbit, that is now immortalized on Instagram. All worries of Lilly Sunshine's lonely existence swiftly flew out the window as the days turned into weeks and then months. Lilly Sunshine's new favorite pass time is to snuggle with her adorable pocket-sized boyfriend. In an interview with The Dodo, the rabbits' mom Sarah Covelli shared, "Everyone is usually taken aback by Lilly’s size, and then when they see her with Romeo, they are even more surprised."

The family has even come up with an adorable name for Romeo, given his elevated status in Lilly Sunshine's life. "Romeo has the nickname tiny husbun," revealed Sarah. In this fluffy romance, size really does not seem to matter even though Lilly Sunshine is four times Romeo's size. There is no denying the two are hopelessly in love. "Romeo is a sweet, curious little guy. He'll jump on the couch and climb over us. He is also Lilly's shadow — he follows her everywhere! I think he knows she'll protect him," said Sarah. 

Close to 8,000 people now closely follow their love story on Instagram, where Sarah diligently posts endearing updates of the adorable couple. While for most who chance upon the perpetually blossoming romance between the two, the whole affair may seem baffling, the two could not be happier to have each other. "They sure are a special couple," Sarah commented. Lilly Sunshine and Romeo just seem to have been naturally drawn to each other from the moment they met. It would be interesting to see whether their dynamic would shift if a third bunny was thrown into the mix.

Lilly Sunshine's personality is bound to have been a huge draw for Romeo. Though Flemish rabbits are one of the largest breeds of domestic bunnies, their sweet temperament matches their size and they have a reputation for being docile. At 16 pounds, Lilly Sunshine is not even the heaviest or largest of her kind. The highest recorded weight for a Flemish is 22 pounds. Meanwhile, 'tiny husbun' Romeo as it turns out is not the tiniest in his world. He weighs in at what is generally considered to be the maximum weight a Dwarf bunny can reach. His kind can be as tiny as just one or two pounds too. Though if either of them were any bigger or smaller it is unlikely to have affected their special love connection anyway.  

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