TIME Magazine Names Greta Thunberg Their "2019 Person Of The Year"

TIME Magazine Names Greta Thunberg Their "2019 Person Of The Year"

“The change is going to come from the people demanding action, and that is us," says Greta, who has been described as "The Power Of Youth" by TIME.

A year ago, not many people knew who Greta Thunberg was. Now, the world recognizes her as one the most powerful names in the climate change movement, across the world. She's been skipping school every Friday to protest outside of the parliament building in Stockholm, and recently, the whole world joined in, protesting across cities to get the government to hear the silent plea of planet Earth. At 16 years, the teenager has done more for the planet than some of us have ever done in our lifetime. She also spent two weeks traversing the Atlantic’s rough waters in the zero-emission Malizia II yacht to make it to the UN's Climate Action Summit which was held in New York in September.


Now, achieving all of this at such a young age is why she's been named TIME's Person of the Year in 2019. According to BBC, this ritual was started by the magazine in 1927, and Thunberg is the youngest person to grace the cover of the magazine since then. Through an editorial post, TIME explained why Greta Thunberg was chosen to be their person of the year. 


"Thunberg is not a leader of any political party or advocacy group. She is neither the first to sound the alarm about the climate crisis nor the most qualified to fix it. She is not a scientist or a politician. She has no access to traditional levers of influence: she’s not a billionaire or a princess, a pop star or even an adult. She is an ordinary teenage girl who, in summoning the courage to speak truth to power, became the icon of a generation. By clarifying an abstract danger with piercing outrage, Thunberg became the most compelling voice on the most important issue facing the planet."  


Thunberg's efforts are so heartfelt and sincere that even world leaders have begun to notice it. “When you are a leader and every week you have young people demonstrating with such a message, you cannot remain neutral,” French President Emmanuel Macron told TIME. “They helped me change.” Leaders respond to pressure, the pressure is created by movements, movements are built by thousands of people changing their minds. And sometimes, the best way to change a mind is to see the world through the eyes of a child.


“This moment does feel different,” former Vice President Al Gore told TIME. “Throughout history, many great morally based movements have gained traction at the very moment when young people decided to make that movement their cause. We can’t just continue living as if there was no tomorrow, because there is a tomorrow,” she says, tugging on the sleeve of her blue sweatshirt. “That is all we are saying.” 


“Young people tend to have a fantastic impact in public opinion around the world,” U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres told TIME. “Governments follow.” Thunberg is currently in Madrid attending COP25, the UN's annual Climate Change Conference. On December 6th, in Madrid, Greta climbs onto the stage in front of the people who have come from all nations, hoping to change the current situation, and she says, “The change is going to come from the people demanding action, and that is us.” 




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