Social Media Influencer Came "Close To Dying" While Filming a TikTok Video

Social Media Influencer Came "Close To Dying" While Filming a TikTok Video

TikTok star Jason Clark opened up about a near-death experience after being trapped under a sheet of ice.

Cover Image: Instagram/jasontodolist

Time and again officials have made it a point to warn teens and others using TikTok about some of the dangerous trends it houses. Mimicking senseless challenges like super-gluing one's lips to make them look fuller, or participating in the dangerous electrical "Outlet challenge" and "Skull-Breaker Challenge," has every parent across the world worried for their child's safety. Now, for those who consider these legit concerns an exaggeration of the reality, here's an account shared by TikTok star Jason Clark that will convince you not to push those limits just to achieve a few seconds of fame.


On Monday the TikTok user (who goes by @jasontodolis) took to Instagram and opened up about a near-death experience he had while filming a video. Clark, who boasts over 433,000 followers on the popular video-sharing app, revealed in a detailed post how he almost drowned while shooting a dangerous stunt for his outdoor adventure account. I have never been this close to dying. I didn’t think my eyeballs would freeze so quick, he wrote sharing just how terrified he was during that time.


According to the post, Clark's aim was to swim point-to-point under a sheet of ice on a frozen lake. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and he ended up struggling to find the opening to get himself out. In the video, Clark can be seen taking a large breath before entering the frozen lake beneath the sheet of ice. His struggle to locate the exit was pretty evident in the footage. Describing the moment he continued: The surface of the water where the hole was didn’t look any different than the bottom of the ice. When I flipped around and felt solid ice I thought I was at the hole. 



Soon, he discovered that he wasn't at the opening just yet. By that time he began experiencing breathing issues, especially due to the freezing temperature of the water. Determined to get out of there he continued looking for the entrance but the "dust" he kicked up constantly made him drift off from the air hole. When I wasn’t that’s when I decided to head back and follow the dust I kicked up. The dust I kicked up had drifted and led me further away. I then tried to break the ice with my back, you can see in the video, he added. He even resorted to breaking the ice using his back but failed. 


At this point, he couldn't see anything clearly. Clark was sure that he wouldn't be able to make it back to safety. But he had to give it one last try and so he did. I don’t know what made me turn around one last time. I was so short on breath I couldn’t really see anymore. I had accepted that was it and I wasn’t going to make it, read the post. Luckily, he managed to locate the opening by swinging his hand.


I swung my hand at what I thought was just a lighter spot of ice and my hand came through. I then got a ton of energy to stand up. It took 2-3 breaths to regain my vision after resurfacing," he continued. Although there was a person present there filming the whole thing, things could have returned ugly instantly. Concluding the post, Clark explained how the cameraperson "didn't recognize the severity of the situation" as he often joked about scary situations like these. "She genuinely thought it was another one of my jokes," he noted. Despite this near-death experience, Clark did yet once again and shared how it wasn't so bad the second time. 


The video was reposted by Will Smith on Instagram with the caption: #AwwHellNaw. Other celebrities soon took to the comment section and expressed how anxious the video made them. coach, Chris Matthews, expressed: This gave me anxiety😳 Actress Jennifer Garner shared: I do not like this. NBA shooting. Among other Instagram users, @sean_michael24 condemned Clark for his senseless stunt and said: No sympathy man , play stupid games win stupid prizes , all this for clout on social media. While @mila_beauty_mua urged him not to do it ever again as it could easily influence others who would risk their lives imitating the stunt. Omg please don't ever do that again. You were clearly drowning. Please please Don't do this again. Others may see it and try it. Last thing we want is a death as a result, she warned

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