Three-Legged Dog Dumped By His Awful Owners Twice In One Day Finally Finds Loving Forever Home

Three-Legged Dog Dumped By His Awful Owners Twice In One Day Finally Finds Loving Forever Home

Tintin was abandoned by a couple in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul earlier this year.

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The three-legged dog, Tintin, who was abandoned by its owners in the city of Sao Leopoldo, Brazil, has finally found a forever home. Earlier in the year, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, security camera footage had captured a woman dumping a three-legged dog not once but twice in the same day. The video, when it surfaced, caused outrage online with many calling for action against the woman. 

In the clip, the woman can be seen driving in a white car. She exits out of the driver's seat and proceeds to open the door to the backseat from where the two dogs exit. The first to exit is a black dog (with all his legs intact) and the other is a white, three-legged pooch. The woman throws the second dog to the side and instructs the first dog to get back in the car. A civilian who found the lost dog returned him to her. The woman's husband then dumped the dog a second time. Thankfully, the pup, now named Tintin, has finally found a loving home, The Sun reports.

After Tintin was abandoned a second time, animal charity Patas Geurreras took him in and fostered him for a while until he found a home. According to the charity, the disabled doing has since been doing "exceptionally well" and is being showered with lots of attention, "love, and care" from his new family. His life now is starkly different from his experiences with his previous owners, who many branded "callous," "evil," and just all-around "the most evil [people] on the planet."



When news of Tintin's terrible treatment first surfaced on the internet, dozens of people stepped forward to give him a new home. Approximately 30 people reached out to adopt this very good boy. Of course, only one lucky family got to call Tintin theirs. This was because the charity was keen on the new family going through an in-depth interview and home inspection. This was to ensure Tintin won't be abandoned again.

“Because of the paw deficiency, he drags his neck a lot on the floor. The adopter’s house should have tiled floors, no cracks or grooves so as not to hurt his neck. We want conscious adoption,”said Anderson Ribeiro, who is associated with the charity, to local Brazilian media.

At the same time, the police conducted an investigation to identify the woman in the security footage. The officers managed to trace the couple who admitted to abandoning Tintin.  The penalty for animal abuse ranges from three months to a year in jail and a fine.

On social media, many individuals called for the couple to be "brought to justice" and "face the same punishment as the animal. Reportedly, several folks even issued death threats.



Tintin was born with three legs, which is not rare for dogs, dog owners claim. He also suffers from a disability on his remaining front leg which makes it difficult for him to walk. This means he requires special care and extra attention. However, caring for a "tripod" dog is not difficult as long as you receive expert advice from trained vets and are willing to put in a little work.

Sheila Wells, a pet hydrotherapist in Seattle, stated, "[Most three-legged dogs are] very high functioning... The biggest challenge a dog faces when it loses a limb is that it has to relearn proprioception, which means it needs to get a new idea of where its body is in space and how to balance; it’s like the bubble in a level."



As long as a pup is able to learn how to manage with its remaining limbs, it should regain stability and balance in no time. Rene Agredano, the cofounder of Tripawds.com, an online community that provides information, resources, and support to over 14,000 pet parents of three-legged dogs added, "They can be happy on three legs. They adapt so much better than we do if we were faced with the same type of physical challenge." If you'd like advice on how to raise a disabled dog, you can visit their website or read their interview.



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