Thousands Of Dollars Go Missing For Multiple JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank Account Holders

Thousands Of Dollars Go Missing For Multiple JPMorgan Chase & Co. Bank Account Holders

Chase Bank is yet to release an official statement is what was said to be a 'server problem or possible glitch' yet external influence is evident.

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Chase Bank, which is run by JPMorgan Chase & Co. from New York City, was reportedly hacked on the evening of June 27—resulting in a lot of errors and monetary imbalances. Several account-holders soon came to realize that their bank accounts had been compromised. Many of them reported complaints that they were actually missing large amounts of money, while some others claimed that they had extra money added to theirs, Fox Business reported

Though there were initial claims that the bank had been hacked, the allegation has no valid credibility as of yet. Officials reported that it was most likely a major server issue or a possible glitch, which led to displaying the incorrect balances in the account details. Several users on Twitter who hold accounts with the bank also complained that they weren't able to see transactions from the past few days. One customer tried to block her credit card and the bank application said, "it couldn't connect to the server." While many were enraged and worried that they may have lost their savings, others were quick to poke fun at the huge muck-up. 



"Rent is due in 3 days and now people are missing money from their Chase bank accounts #ChaseBank" said one user, while another added, "They added to my account so I’m confused but ain’t complaining #chasebank." Other users have been expressing their disappointment and anger at the bank's silence, despite the problem causing a stir on social media. "chasebank just took over $1,000 away from my checking acct!! Thankfully I still have all the money that I saved in my savings bc if not I’d really be losing my mother fucking shit!!!!!!! @Chase WHERE IS MY MONEY????????" said one user. "I don’t wanna hear no “sorry for the inconvenience” in the morning. Y’all are real quiet rn. I want my money back plus extra for breach, this InCoNvEniEnce #ChaseBank @Chase," another tweeted.



While the bank itself is yet to make an official statement regarding this issue there is definitely the talk of foul play going around. Surely they wouldn't like to admit they were hacked even if that were indeed the case and would rather cover it up as soon they can. "We know some customers reporting seeing incorrect balances in their checking account overnight," Chase tweeted Sunday. "This was caused by a technical issue that delayed updates on what displayed on Chase Mobile & Chase Online." "We resolved this issue as of 9 AM ET and accounts now show current balances," Chase said.



According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the initial tweet from the department included a specific reference to Chase customers which was later deleted and replaced. "Yes, #ChaseBank is experiencing technical difficulties," the department wrote, according to AJC. "No, do not reply to any texts, emails, or calls requesting your personal information such as your #SocialSecurity Number or PIN. Be aware of phishing scams: protect your hard-earned [money]."



"For @Chase @ChaseSupport to stay so silent while they’re hundreds of ppl missing over THOUSANDS of dollars out of their accounts with no transaction history and no customer service addressing the issue is unacceptable! #ChaseBank", a user commented. "What the f**k is going on, my money better find itself in my account by the morning. The f**k kind of glitch is this #chasebank," another wrote in a tweet. One Chase Bank patron also cautioned people who had received extra money in their account, saying "A little warning: if there really is a problem with their servers and somehow you had extra money added to your account? DO NOT SPEND IT. When they correct the problem you can be prosecuted or have your credit score ruined for committing fraud. Let the dust settle. #chasebank." Yet another added: "Why am I waking up to news that Chase bank has been hacked??? My anxiety cannot manage this. #chasebank"



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