This Woman's Hack To Lower High ER Bills Is Winning Hearts, People Say It Actually Works

This Woman's Hack To Lower High ER Bills Is Winning Hearts, People Say It Actually Works

You wouldn't expect something like this to work, but it does, according to the people who have tried it out for themselves.

Source/ TikTok

The healthcare system in the US is an expensive affair. Even a minor injury can leave a serious dent in your wallet, well up until now.  A woman from North Carolina has found a way around this and shared this valuable tip on video platform TikTok.  Shaunna Burns (@shaunnaburns3) told her followers to ask the hospital for an "itemized bill with every single charge" after your visit to the emergency room (ER) especially if you think you've been unfairly charged after your ER treatment. 



According to Business Insider, she became acquainted with debt by working as a debt collector.  When her daughter was hospitalized, she received a phone call from a debt collector about the medical bills. Having worked in the field earlier, she was able to use her knowledge to her benefit. She was however frustrated by  "collectors who seemed to exploit the average person's lack of knowledge." So, she decided to make a straightforward video about it to make people aware of this, so they wouldn't be saddled with an expensive bill the next time they visit a hospital.  With her video, Burns managed to get over 100,000 followers who were very grateful for her simple and useful tip. 



Burns explained how this worked. She told her followers to ask for an itemized receipt. This would then force the billing department to name every single charge—many of them outrageous, like a "$37 dollar band-aid," which they won’t want you to know about. So, when they print out every single charge, they will obviously take off such obnoxious charges, because who charges $37 for a bandaid? People tried Burns' hack and they found it to actually work. 



According to The New York Times, Eva Zavala, a 22-year-old medical assistant, got a huge bill even after insurance after she was treated in the emergency room. Luckily, for her, she remembered the TikTok video and decided to give it a shot. She said, "I thought, you know, what could I lose doing it? And so I called and I let them know who I was, and I just asked for an itemized bill for that hospital visit." Two weeks later after her mail came in, she saw that she owed the hospital none. She took to Twitter and recounted her experience. She wrote: Broooooo I went to the ER a while ago and got a huge bill over 1,000. I saw a tiktok stating that if you ask for an itemized bill they reduce it and so I called and asked for 1 and just got it and bitch I don’t owe s*it now.



Others chimed in with their experiences. 











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