This Tortoise Managed To Save His Entire Species By Having Lots And Lots Of Sex

This Tortoise Managed To Save His Entire Species By Having Lots And Lots Of Sex

All thanks to Diego's very active sex-life, his entire species has been saved. No wonder he's known as the Hugh Hefner of the tortoise community.

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Here is a unique situation where a very active sex life has come in handy. Deigo the tortoise may have single-handedly managed to save his entire species from extinction and it's all thanks to his very, very, active sex life. Now, CNN reports that Deigo is done with his playboy lifestyle and that he's headed back into the wild, having accomplished the mission. Diego's unstoppable libido was recognized as a major reason for the survival of his fellow giant tortoises on Espanola, part of the Galapagos Islands after he was shipped over from the San Diego Zoo as part of a breeding program.


When he started the, er, sex-marathon, there were only two males and 12 females of his species alive on the island. Now there are over 2,000 tortoises, you can do the math on your own there! The Galapagos National Parks service believes the 100-year-old tortoise is responsible for around 40% of that population. "He's contributed a large percentage to the lineage that we are returning to Espanola," Jorge Carrion, the park's director, told AFP.


"There's a feeling of happiness to have the possibility of returning that tortoise to his natural state." To boost the island's population, it seems that a total of 15 tortoises were a part of the program. However, it seems that none of them played as big a role in it as Diego did. "About 1,800 tortoises have been returned to Espanola and now with natural reproduction, we have approximately 2,000 tortoises," Carrion told AFP.


"This shows that they are able to grow, they are able to reproduce, they are able to develop," he said. The Galapagos Islands is said to be one of the world's premier destinations for wildlife viewing and were visited by Charles Darwin as he worked on the theory of evolution. People were just so impressed by Diego and his service to the tortoise society that they only had great things to say about him. 


BrotherLove Silky wrote: "A hero in his generation who saves his entire generation from human cruelty and extinction by womanizing and flirting around thereby multiplying. Fare thee well my friend." Howard Ma had quite a valid question; "Doesn't that mean most of the next generation would all be related? Does inbreeding between turtles have the same consequences as we humans?" Ledjin Rivera saw the funnier side of things and said: "So like when I'm asked what id be reincarnated as...this Turtle will be my answer."


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