This ROBOT Takes Care Of Your Plant By Chasing Sunlight And It Does It Without Any Instruction

This ROBOT Takes Care Of Your Plant By Chasing Sunlight And It Does It Without Any Instruction

The Hexa Robot is like a dream robot gardener. It waters your plant on time and makes sure it gets all the nutrition it needs.

Plants are the most essential organisms in this world. There would be no life on this planet without them,  as they maintain the balance of oxygen and other gases in the atmosphere. Other than just being the backbone of survival, plants are also helpful in improving mental health and keeping one happy. This is one of the main reasons why people keep plants in their rooms or anywhere in their houses. It freshens the air and your mood. It also adds to the beauty of the room so there really is no drawback of having plants inside your house. 



There is always the argument that sometimes they are hard to maintain. Yes, plants need the right amount of water and sunlight to grow well and if we cannot take care of them every day then there is no point having them. Well, in the age of technology, here's a solution to make your life easier. Introducing the new Hexa Robot by Vincross. This little robot is the new guardian of your garden. The only function of the robot is to take care of your plants and make sure they are healthy and receive enough sunlight. The robot literally chases down the sun when the plant needs it.


The plant is placed on the head of the robot. The robot reads when the plant needs sunlight or how long the plant is to be exposed to the light and makes its way to the spot in your house where there is an adequate amount of it. The robot even runs away from the light when it knows that the plant has received enough of it. The robot literally does nothing else all day long. The robot can also turn 360 degrees to ensure that all of the leaves receive enough light. When the plant needs to be watered, the robot does a cute dance to grab your attention and let you know that it is thirty.



The robot is designed to have multiple purposes, but Tianqi Sun, the CEO and inventor, decided to tweak the Hexa’s focus after noticing a sunflower that had withered and died after being stuck in a shady corner. He explained in his blog how he realized that: “Plants are passive. No matter if they are being cut, burned or pulled from the earth, they hold still and take whatever is happening to them. They have the fewest degrees of freedom among all the creatures in nature.” It was the empathy for green life that inspired him to place the plant on the head of the robot and change its functions to be the caretaker of the plants.



The robot is said to be very efficient and helpful, especially if you are always busy with work and find it hard to keep track of when your plants need to be watered or exposed to the sun. Having plants on the robots in your office as well, is a great idea, just saying. With six sturdy, flexible legs, the Hexa can move anywhere—in any direction and around any objects in its path. The robot is designed to be nimble around unexpected drops or obstacles along the way. For example, it can step over gaps between two table tops if it has to.



It has a variety of “eyes,” including an infrared sensor, a distance sensor, and a 720p camera with night vision, which could be very handy if you want it to send it out like a guard dog at night, to go check on any sudden noises. It has a built-in WiFi as well as various ports (USB) to expand its many talents. Sure it is no fancy garden gnome but this robot can do a whole lot more than just stand in one place and hold your plant there. It actually helps keep the plant alive. Also, let's not forget the adorable thirsty dance it performs!






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