Engineers Create Arm Cast That Is Finally Breathable, Waterproof, And Itch-Free

Engineers Create Arm Cast That Is Finally Breathable, Waterproof, And Itch-Free

An American startup company called Cast21 created the futuristic sleeve which could possibly make the traditional casts a thing of the past.

Looks like the uncomfortable, itchy, and sometimes foul-smelling plaster casts could soon become a thing of the past. Engineers at an American startup company called Cast21 have created a futuristic sleeve that they claim to be a breathable alternative of the old plaster casts.

Apparently, it can be worn while exercising, bathing, and even while swimming in the ocean! The wide mesh-like patented design sleeve contains two liquid resins, that is molded into an accurate position for every patient. Apart from being more advanced in terms of comfort, this innovative orthotic device grants a sci-fi look that comes in several vibrant colors one can choose from.


Now, the limitation that one has to face while wearing a traditional plaster or one made out of fiberglass is the patients' inability to reach inside and clean, making it prone to infections and rotting. In addition to this, people are forced to witness the doctor remove their hardened bandages using a circular saw.

Surely, no one's keen on having their skin rot or get the Saw like experience, right? Thus, keeping these issues in mind, the creators have come up with a design that eliminates all such problems. 


Emphasizing how the old version often scares children and old people while being removed, Veronica Hogg, the company's VP of engineering said, "The majority of fractures happen in children, adolescents and the elderly. Those saws are very loud and all this debris flies off and it’s very messy, it can be extremely frightening. The cast saw also presents a risk of burns to the patient."

Explaining why their product is much more advanced than the previous ones, the 30-year-old added, "Our product does not require that at all. It’s designed so that a physician can take clinical shears, snip through the tabs and pull it open easily."


"It was designed to completely eliminate the use of a cast saw and make the healing process far more pleasant for the patient," she added. According to a report by Metro News, the Chicago-based Cast21’s device is actually faster to administer than the traditional casts. All a physician is required to do is measure the area of the affected limb using a measuring tape and choose the correct size.

Following this, a flexible, slightly padded sleeve is easily slid onto their arms. With the help of a patented liquid pack, the physician has to pour the mixture of a duo of liquid resins into the empty sleeve with the help of a valved nozzle. 


Once the sleeve is converted into a malleable gel, which takes about three minutes, the doctor molds the product to perfectly fit the patient's limb and wait for another five to seven minutes for the substance to harden completely. 

In essence, the new and improved method used by Cast 21, allows physicians to avoid the messy and time-consuming process of setting a cast and make it into a less-than-ten minute procedure. Although the revolutionary design remains a work in progress, the company hopes their product would make a huge impact in the field of orthopedic technology.


To date, the company has only managed to design a forearm model in the medium size, however, they expect to expand their sizing and create casts for the lower legs in other sizes in the near future. "We hope that this technology can span across the entire body. We are looking forward to having a lower limb model for ankle fractures soon," said Hogg.

"We have this radical notion that you can enjoy your healing experience. You don’t need to be restrained from daily activities." Currently, a price point hasn't been set for the product, but the company plans on keeping a price that is accessible by most. We want it to be competitive, and reachable to a large population," added Hogg, who says the company doesn't want their creation to be a "luxury item."


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