This Restaurant Hands Out Free Meals To Anyone Who Needs It: "We Don't Ask Any Questions"

This Restaurant Hands Out Free Meals To Anyone Who Needs It: "We Don't Ask Any Questions"

They've given 100 meals to people and with the number of orders pending and customers paying it forward, it's like this will never end!

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Food truly is one of the most basic needs of a human being, but it's also something that not everyone has access to. Things really took a turn for the worse when the pandemic hit last year, but kind-hearted people all over the world did everything they could to help at least a few people. Take, for example, the customers at Perfectly Frank, a restaurant in Virginia. According to CNN, these loyal bunch of customers stepped up last year to help the restaurant out with donations during the pandemic. A year later, they're still standing there with arms wide open to help the needy. 



Yes, that's right, Perfectly Frank—a nearly 16-year staple in Norfolk, Virginia— is the lastest to dole out free meals to the needy with donations from their customers. Basically, anyone in need of a meal to satiate their hunger can go up to the "Franks for Friends" bulletin board, pull off a ticket, and exchange it for a menu item. A sign in front of the restaurant reads: “If you’re broke and hungry, we got you!”  Per USA Today, the idea came to Tarah Morris, the owner of Perfectly Frank, after a donor came in with a whopping $2,000; $100 for each member of her 15-person staff, and the rest to feed the community.



After two staffers returned their share, there was $700 leftover and that was enough money to start something to reciprocate the kindness they've been at the receiving end of. “We felt like it was kind of a nice chunk to do something bigger,” she said. "We don’t ask any questions. We don’t need to know what the details are. They could be eating it themselves. They could be bringing it to a neighbor. They could be dropping it off to a homeless guy on the corner. Maybe Covid hit them really hard, or they're in between jobs -- or maybe they're taking a meal for their neighbor," said Morris. Soon, the initiative began to evolve.



Customers began donating, too. The board inside the restaurant boasted of a host of potential meals already paid for by customers, with each costing about $10.The board even came with messages of kindness like, “If you want more kindness in the world, put it there.” "I had no idea that was going to happen," Morris said. "We began collecting meals faster than we were giving them away." Approximately five people approach them for free meals in a day, said Morris. “We don’t even feel like we’re doing anything,” Morris said. “Customers are donating money for us to buy meals for people in need.” So far, they've given away 100 meals. 



Morris says the support she's received has been really uplifting. “We know that we’re in existence because people choose us, and we’re grateful." It's really heartwarming to see people step up to take care of one another. "The giving has been more plentiful than the receiving," she said. "We have a clipboard with, I don’t know, 100 more tickets on deck, waiting to go up on the board. People want to help. They are driven by helping somebody." Now, Morris says the meals are in surplus and in a large number, so she can't foresee an end. "I'm hoping it goes on forever," she said. "At the rate, the donations are coming in, I feel like it'll never stop." 



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