Little Girl Chooses To Get 600 Pounds Of Animal Food For A Shelter Over Christmas Presents

Little Girl Chooses To Get 600 Pounds Of Animal Food For A Shelter Over Christmas Presents

Landyn Wadsworth has been doing this every year for Christmas since 2016 and she's already started to accumulate funds for the next year.

Image Source: Facebook/ Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Control Services

More and more stories of children coming forward to help the needy are surfacing this holiday season. Just a few weeks ago, a five-year-old set up a cocoa stall to raise money and clear lunch debts of her classmates and now here is another story of a little girl chose to buy pet food for animals instead of Christmas presents. According to CNN, the  8-year-old's Christmas wish was to help the dogs and cats at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, Washington, so instead of gifts this Christmas season, she asked for money to help with food supplies, and she managed to get quite the haul. On Christmas Eve, the shelter took to Facebook and posted a picture of Landyn standing next to a cart full of dog and cat food. The best part about it was that the stack was taller than she is and she also had a sack that was swelling with supplies for the animals.


The shelter wrote: "Landon's wish for Christmas was food donations for the shelter and it looks like her wish came true!! We are so grateful for your kindness and I'm sure the dogs and cats are too!!" KEPR reports that this is the third year in a row that Landyn has done this for the animals. Her mother Alisha said the generous donations started in 2016. Landyn visited the shelter to find a new family member to take home with her. 


However, she left the shelter feeling sad and dejected because she saw that there were so many animals without a family. Since then, for every Christmas, Landyn asks for money, instead of toys, to buy food, blankets, and treats for the animals. If you want to donate to animal shelters, you could always go through their social media handles as most often than not, they will post information about the things they need.


Some of them might also have an Amazon wishlist, which you can use and send items to the shelter. In most cases, shelters need food, medicine, and warm blankets to ensure these poor babies are comfortable. Even if you can't raise money as Landyn did, you could always do your bit and contribute something to these places. The shelter and the staff are taking care of these animals on behalf of us after all. 


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