This Dessert Hummus Is A Delicious, Guilt-Free Alternative For All Your Sugar Cravings

This Dessert Hummus Is A Delicious, Guilt-Free Alternative For All Your Sugar Cravings

Delighted By Hummus is a brand that offers vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and kosher dessert hummus for your sugary obsessions.

If there's anything that can lighten my mood without much effort, it is devouring a lip-smacking dessert or two. Nothing can go wrong with a nice gooey square of brownie along with a scoop of your favorite ice cream. But there's something about the batter that makes me go nuts as much as the actual cooked item. Be it a vanilla sponge cake batter, raw cookie dough, or a brownie mix, it's something that most of us are sure to dunk our fingers in before licking it clean. But now there's a healthy alternative and it is taking over supermarkets' shelves, according to Business Insider


Founded by Makenzie Marzluff, Delighted By Hummus offers a vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and kosher option for your sugary obsessions. From a snickerdoodle to brownie batter, the company creates a turns hummus (chickpea-based dish) into dessert items by incorporating delicious flavors inspired by snickerdoodle and brownie batter. Although it tastes just as yummy as the original counterpart, the products are actually a very good option for those with dietary restrictions. That's why the sweet treat can be found in the refrigerators of millennials all across the country who turn to this item to satiate their cravings. 



Now, Delighted By Hummus is so much more than just a tasty dessert option. According to Insider, the company aims at inspiring people with its message "to be the light they are out in the world." As for the founder, Marzluff, her primary goal was to allow her company to represent how pleasant life could be when one focuses on all of the positive that they have to offer. Of course, she channeled the same energy into creating these hummus-based treats which apparently has a consistency and texture similar to cookie dough! What's not to like about that?


Among its many flavors is the Fudge brownie one, which has to be one of the best of the lot. The taste and texture of the gooey brownie-like hummus are considered a close second to the real one. Its decadent and fudgy consistency has been praise widely with some claiming that it is possibly better than the raw brownie batter. The ingredients used to prepare this item is pretty simple and straightforward and it includes, coconut milk, organic turbinado sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, coconut oil, water, pure vanilla extract, cultured dextrose (dairy-free, all-natural digestive enzyme),  garbanzo beans (chickpeas), and sea salt. 


Other flavors include Snickerdoodle which apparently tastes and feels like an actual cookie. Just the fragrance of this cinnamony hummus is enough to take you back to those blissful days of childhood which were spent eating cookies with a glass of milk. Now Delighted By Hummus suggests pairing this one with cinnamon pita chips or apple chips which is sure to complement the base. Next up is good old Vanilla Bean, which provides a creamy texture to impress the customer. Its subtle hints of Vaniall bean is sure to go great chocolate chips. You could also go crazy with your own ideas like using it as a frosting for a birthday cake. 


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