This Cute Microwavable Sloth Toy Helps Relieve Your Stress, Aches, And Pains

This Cute Microwavable Sloth Toy Helps Relieve Your Stress, Aches, And Pains

What's not to love about an adorable plush that you can cuddle with and help relieve pain.

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It's never a good feeling when something aches in your body, right? While tablets and balms are helpful, sometimes their aroma can be off-putting. Well, not anymore, because you can now buy a cute sloth that also works as a versatile home remedy. You can get yourself the Intelex Warmies Cozy Plush Sloth from Amazon. The best part is that it costs only $20. While it is something of great use to you, it can also double up as an amazing gift to someone you know who deals with regular body pains. It also helps kids above the age of three if they have difficulty falling asleep. Adults, you don't have to be embarrassed, you can use it, too.

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According to The Hearty Soul, each sloth plush toy is filled with flaxseed and dried French lavender. When you microwave the sloth, it becomes warm and cuddly, while simultaneously releasing refreshing scents of the dried French lavender. These plushies help relieve stress, hypertension, arthritis pain, headaches, sinus pressure, menstrual cramps, colic, flu, tendonitis, and muscle aches. Autistic people and people with sensory processing disorders have reportedly found comfort and relief from these toys as well. If a sloth is not the one for you, but you want to try similar toys, you've got options. 

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Intelex Warmies also makes stress-relieving plushie variants like unicorns, sheep, moose, bears, foxes, huskies, snow leopards, and many more! You can also use them as a cold compress as well. All you need to do is put the plush toy in a plastic bag and set aside in the freezer for at least three hours. If you want to use it as heat therapy, then simply microwave it according to the instructions on the label. To go with these, you can also get yourself some eye-mask warmies and slipper warmies. Spa day at home is now possible and it sounds simply amazing. 

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Also, to help with the pain, a few gentle yoga stretches can also be of great help to you. You could indulge in some meditation to clear your mind and make sure that the stretches you do help alleviate the pain. However, it must be noted that the plushie is in no way an alternative to actual medical aid. It is requested that you consult a doctor in case of persistent pain. 

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Unsurprisingly, the plushie had some rave reviews from customers who bought the product. Marie May wrote: I bought him to help with my Endometriosis cramping. I’m so happy with my purchase! Not only is he cute, but he is also very soothing. He is weighted so he feels slightly heavy. When heated he is warm and smells oh so lovely of lavender. He works wonderful for cramps. I would also recommend him for children. He would make a great soothing companion. For a stuffed animal he seems to have lots of character/personality. Kudos to whoever designed this guy! Alas, it didn't seem to work for everyone as Gimpy noted: Mine caught on fire in the microwave! His foot melted and then flamed up. Very scary. I'd say put in no more than 40 seconds.  

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Anastasia Hills shared her own experience. They said: This little guy is great! I have bad pain in my neck and on the top of my shoulder, so I just warm him up, and set him on my shoulder and he stays there and helps alleviate pain. He is much easier to manipulate for odd spots than hot water bottles or heating pads. This item does have a lavender scent, but I wouldn’t consider it to be that strong. I personally dislike the smell of lavender, it can even give me migraines. I haven’t experience a sensitivity to his smell yet, and like I said, the lavender isn’t strong at all. Kysoph shared: I love this sloth! He's so cute and soft. I've used him a few times so far - for sinus headaches and menstrual cramps. Just heat in the microwave for one minute. The scent is very light and not overwhelming. A great purchase!

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