A Pillow In The Shape Of A Butt Exists, So You Can Get All The Booty Sleep You Need

A Pillow In The Shape Of A Butt Exists, So You Can Get All The Booty Sleep You Need

The Buttress Pillow might be hilarious at first glance, but it's actually a very comfortable ergonomic pillow that's great for your neck!

Everyone enjoys a nice, firm butt, don't they? And it's also safe to say that everyone enjoys a great night of restful sleep. One company put two and two together to create the Buttress Pillow — arguably the most comfortable pillow you'll ever sleep on, and it's shaped like a pair of buttocks. 


The soft, ergonomic, functional and all-natural pillow is shaped like a pair of ample buttocks, with two separate thighs to cradle your head — but it's not just for the laughs! The bootyful pillow is great for your neck no matter what position you sleep in. While you recline, you can hit the sweet spot between the thighs and the butt to cradle your head for optimal sleep. Alternatively, if you're just lazing around watching TV or reading a book, you can rest your head on the cheeks, the product's website suggests




The voluptuous pillow is made from natural latex and is 100% biodegradable, enviro-friendly, hypoallergenic and ethically made. The website also explains that unlike memory foam pillows or pillows made from other synthetic materials, the Buttress Pillow can't possibly cause any sort of irritation. The Buttress Pillow launched in 2018 after a round of funding via Kickstarter...because, of course, a LOT of people thought a butt-shaped pillow was the best idea ever. "Our founder, Jia, has engineered and patented the perfect butt pillow that relieves stress and brings peace, happiness, and sweet sweet booty sleep," the website proudly boasts. The pillow's flexible thighs and soft cheeks mean that you can manipulate it to best fit your sleeping position and be guaranteed that your neck is never uncomfortable. 


The pillow comes with a silky inner cover that's sewn on, as well as a separate outer cover made of the same stretchy material as yoga pants — you can choose between white, black, pale blue, and a galaxy print. If you so wish, you can even decorate your pillow by dressing it up in a pair of medium-sized underwear or pajamas, whatever floats your boat, really. The Buttress Pillow ships to over 150 countries via their website, as well as via Amazon and eBay. "I bought one for the fact it is hilarious, but it turned out to be everyone's favorite household pillow," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Wondering if it will be a comfy sleep aid? It is genuinely a balanced pillow for both comfort and functionality," added another. The pillow sells for $69, a nice amount, but if you buy it from the company's website they're currently running a discount where you can get a "Butt Box" for $49, which comes with a pillow and an outer cover, as well as a couple of bonus items — a butt-shaped keychain, a few stickers, and a postcard. A small price to pay for a comfortable night's sleep, we think. 

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