Artist Turns Regular Glass Crockery Into Magical Pieces By Hand-Painting Them

Artist Turns Regular Glass Crockery Into Magical Pieces By Hand-Painting Them

These hand-painted cups are just so beautiful that they make you want to own all of them!

The internet is a fun place to spend some time. We get to know a lot about what's happening in other parts of the world. and we also get to keep up with the pop-culture, thanks to all the memes and of course, a lot of those animal videos that are always trending. However, it's also given a lot of artists an opportunity to share their work with the world, and get them the recognition they really deserve. Websites like Redbubble and Etsy offer specialized platforms for painters, graphic designers, and craftspeople all over the world to communicate and distribute their creations regardless of shape, form, or caliber. 

Vita of Vitraaze is a glass painter from Kyiv, Ukraine who decorates teapots, mugs, plates, and various other glassware using heat-set paint. Vita’s Etsy page features over 500 unique items, all with her highly colorful and intricate stained glass designs. They're so beautiful and intricate and that definitely needs a lot of patience to finish. Every product of hers is unique and they can be used as home decor,  personalized gifts, coffee mugs, or even as wedding favors. If you need something custom-made, that will be done for you, too. 

1. Since we're getting closer to Halloween


2. Butterflies are always elegant


3. To put you in the summer mood


4. Major Japanese vibes


5. Paw-fect gift for a pet-parent


6. Some ethnic vibes for the home


7. The peacock gives a complete Indian feel to it


8. All this needs is some bling in it


9. Birthday party, anyone?


10. I wouldn't want to use this because it looks too delicate


11. Oh, so beautiful


12. So rosy


13. This is so beautiful


14. Lil pride love


15. This is so beautiful!


16. For the floral vibes


17. It definitely comes and goes in waves


18. When you could use the color on a gloomy day


19. The bird lovers are going to love it


20. Love comes in all shapes and sizes


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