This Artist Illustrates How Life Is With The Person You're Most Comfortable With

This Artist Illustrates How Life Is With The Person You're Most Comfortable With

Love is all about being yourself, with no inhibitions and fears with the other person. This artist makes illustrations of her life with her husband to showcase what true love means to her.

Home is that space where one sheds all their inhibitions and becomes the purest version of themselves. Be a hard day or an easy one, it's always great to come back home and do the things you want to, but it's an even better feeling to get back home to the love of your life. To many artists, love truly has been an inspiration. It is true when people say that two people in love are the most comfortable with one another when they are at home in their private space. These private moments of love are exactly what Los Angeles-based artist Amanda Oleander has managed to beautifully capture in her drawings.


Most of her work is a reflection of what goes on behind closed doors in her home, with her husband, Joey Rudman. However, she does share illustrations of what happens when she's alone at home or when she's with her friends. “I’ve always been interested in how people behave and live behind closed doors,” the artist told HuffPost. “When it comes to Joey and I, there are moments that I wish a photographer was there to capture, like cuddling on the couch or brushing our teeth together. So instead of a photo, I draw them.”


Oleander and Rudman decided to take their relationship to the next step and got married in August at Vista Valley Country Club outside of San Diego. This transition has influenced her work drastically. “My drawings have documented everything from the proposal to planning the wedding to reading vows to each other,” she said. “My drawings change as my life changes. So as we buy our first home this summer and become parents, my drawings will continue to include the new changes.”


According to Oleander, her husband “absolutely loves” being featured so frequently in her work. “500+ drawings later and he still gets excited to see a new drawing about us,” she said. Well, that is just how true love works. True love is when you just can't stop being excited about the small things in life, when you seek comfort in their arms after a long day, when you steal your husband's clothes, and when you just live life to the fullest surrounded by people who love you. 


Here are some of her illustrations that depict love, happiness, and life. 

1. Love is not having to shave and walking around with cactus legs


2.  Love is when it's hard to spend time apart


3. Love is when sadness hits you but there is comfort in their arms


4. Love is when both of you sync and are now one


5. Love is when he appreciates every inch of you, even if it's imperfect


6.  Love is cuddling on the couch under a blanket after a long day


7. Love is when you take care of one another, physically and mentally


8. Love is all about being pampered


9. Love is about doing the things you love together



10. Love is about making breakfast together


11. Love is all about squeezing out that pimple till all the goo comes out


12. Love is going for long aimless drives


13. Love is showering them with random kisses


14. Love is stargazing


15. Love is not being able to decide what it is that you want to order 


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