Three Therapy Dogs Sent To El Paso To Comfort Victims, First Responders After Deadly Attack

Three Therapy Dogs Sent To El Paso To Comfort Victims, First Responders After Deadly Attack

Lady, Rudy, and Chanel have been sent by The Methodist Healthcare System and are specially trained in crisis management. They reached El Paso on Sunday morning and are already at work and getting the love and appreciation of many people.

Even as people and first responders in El Paso are coping with the loss of lives and dealing with the massive tragedy that has befallen them, a different kind of reinforcement has already been sent - three dogs who will help people in these hard times.

Chanel, Lady, and Rudy were deployed on Sunday morning to the sight of yet another mass shooting and are specially trained in crisis management. They will put their skills to use to provide comfort to authorities responding and people dealing with the trauma of the El Paso massacre.



The mass shooting carried out at a shopping center on Saturday by a 21-year-old man has so far left 20 people dead and 26 others wounded. The three dogs have been sent by the Methodist Healthcare System and are part of its Emergency Services Facility.

They will be accompanied by their special handlers. A press release was also issued by the Methodist Health Systems on the matter, according to a KSAT report.



It stated, "The rate of suicides by first responders—firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement—has escalated from one every seven days to one a day. These dogs can reach places in the heart no human can."

They added that the dogs have been trained and specialize in seeking out individuals in crisis. They are not just therapy dogs and are trained more than them. They have assisted many people before and have been a part of many cases. 



Prior to this assignment, they were brought to the Methodist Healthcare San Antonio hospitals on a daily basis to provide patients with comfort. Their duties presently are slightly more urgent but their handlers know that the three dogs are well prepared.

"This time, the dogs will be staying in El Paso for several days to visit multiple first responder stations as well as all hospitals within the city," said the news release. The dogs were provided by Service Dogs, Inc. and their services are for free.   



A Facebook post by Methodist Healthcare System stated that the dogs made it to El Paso and they "are already providing their unconditional love and support to first responders helping them cope through this traumatic time."

The dogs came were sent on a Southwest Airlines flight. The post added, "We will continue to send prayers to El Paso as well as to Dayton OH."  





Another post by the Facility stated that the dogs are there to "spread some love" and that the dogs are taking their first flight to El Paso along with staff from the Methodist Facility "to provide support to those impacted by the tragic event." Many people were extremely grateful that the dogs were there to help in whatever little way they could.



Gabriela De La Rosa commented on a post by Methodist Healthcare Facility and wrote: Omg thank you so much Brandon and Chanel and Rudy for helping everyone in need in my hometown! 

Jackie Buddy Mullinax commented: That's so fantastic, I'm sure they'll be just what the doctor ordered! So proud of you for going to help all you can.





The mass shooting at El Paso took place just a day before shooting in Daytona in Ohio left many dead. The case is being treated as an act of "domestic terrorism." John Bash, US Attorney also said he’s consulting with the Justice Department and officials whether a federal hate crime and firearm charges against the suspect can be pursued.

“It appears to be designed to intimidate a civilian population. We’re going to do what we do to terrorists in this country ― deliver swift and certain justice,” he added.  

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