Freezable Underwear For Men Now Exists And It Helps You Keep It Cool Down There

Freezable Underwear For Men Now Exists And It Helps You Keep It Cool Down There

Available on Amazon, the product claims to help with fertility issues. They are also being used by men for simply "cooling" purposes.

With the mercury rising,  it's a must to keep cool. It seems it's even more essential to keep your nether regions cool, and there is a product catered for just that purpose. The 'Snowballs Cooling Underwear For Men' is a thing that exists and is available on Amazon.  They are fitted with freezable wedges that slip into a pair of boxer shorts that keep you cool down there.



Whether it's to cool your bits or trying to conceive, this product aims to achieve just that, A description of the product on the e-commerce website reads,  "Snowballs is an inexpensive, scientifically proven, patent-pending natural fertility solution for men attempting to conceive...as well as all men who simply wish to practice the cooling arts."



It adds, "Testicular cooling has been shown to increase sperm count, particularly in cases of varicoceles, and we've created a comfortable, organic product that will keep you cool and help you succeed naturally before investing thousands of dollars in other risky, more invasive solutions. We'll also provide you with an extensive guide on how you can increase your chances at becoming a natural dad."



If the reviews are anything to go by, it seems to be a smash hit. People are loving it. Moishe Frank gave a 5 star to the product and wrote, "It is just a perfect product." Another satisfied customer who gave the product a 5 star was Janelle B who bought it for her husband stated, "The underwear is of very good material." Yet another customer who didn't give his name wrote, "Very good product. I bought it hoping to relieve discomfort from varicocele that I felt all the time walking or standing. But this underwear works great, providing extra support and it feels really comfortable. Cooling packs help too, especially on a hot day. Can't say if it improves fertility, I didn't get tested and wasn't trying to conceive." However, not all agree.  Customer Michael B Harleman felt that the product needed some improvements. He wrote, "The ice packs get warm too quickly." Another customer was disappointed with the product,





This person wrote, "Absolutely would not recommend. Sizing is way too small and we ordered a size larger than what I normally wear. The ice packs do not stay cold not even 20 min then they heat up and make things hotter if you do not take out and unless you're in private you can't just take them out. And from the fertility doctors analysis, things actually got much worse after using these."

As per the product description, these boxers are made of "100 percent non-toxic natural cellulose, each of which will keep you cool for 30 minutes and is ready to go after less than an hour in your freezer." It costs $59.

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