These GPS Enabled Shoes Will Help You Keep Track Of Loved Ones With Dementia Or Alzheimer's

These GPS Enabled Shoes Will Help You Keep Track Of Loved Ones With Dementia Or Alzheimer's

These high-tech shoe inserts can save those with memory impediments from harm and eliminate some of the stress from the caregiver's job.

Image Source: GTX Corp/YouTube

Safety can be a huge issue for those with dementia or Alzheimer's. Taking care of someone who has one of those conditions requires commitment, empathy, and a whole lot of patience. There are many tools out there that help the caregivers and one such tool is the SmartSole. The SmartSole is a smart GPS insole that you can simply slip into someone's shoes to keep track of their whereabouts. If your grandparents or a senior you take care of have the tendency to wander about, this product can be a huge lifesaver.


With the SmartSole inserted into your loved one's shoes, the risk of them wandering off is reduced drastically. The insole has an in-built tracking chip with a cellular signal. All a caretaker needs to do to track the wearer is log on to their computer, smartphone, or tablet. To enable the insole's connectivity, you will need to purchase a data plan just like you would with a cellphone. While the soles themselves cost about $299, there are various monthly plans to choose from depending on the wearer's particular needs. Presently, SmartSole offers two monthly plans.


The shoe soles come in three different sizes, which can all be trimmed down to fit a wearer's specific shoe size. The large can be trimmed to fit men's sizes 15 to 12, the medium women's 14 to 10, and the small kid's 4 to 3. Yes, the company even makes smaller sizes to account for young adults and teens with autism and developmental disabilities. However, seniors suffering from Alzheimer's or dementia are their target audience for now. Just like any other foot insole, the SmartSole slips into a wearer's shoe. According to the company's website, This system capitalizes on procedural memory which means even those with advanced memory disorders typically remember to wear shoes!


Since the GPS tracker is in-built into the sole, the wearer is still able to maintain a level of privacy that they otherwise may not have. With wrist bands or ankle bracelets, their condition may be more obvious, which the wearer may not be comfortable with. The SmartSole website reads, This is wearable technology that not only provides peace of mind but can also save lives while preserving the privacy and dignity of the wearer. It must be noted, nonetheless, that the SmartSole is thicker than normal shoe inserts though this has not been found to be uncomfortable for the wearer by any means. Therefore, these high-tech soles remove the stigma, shame, and anxiety of other tracking devices while also making sure the wearer is safe and free from harm.


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