These Pictures Perfectly Capture What True Love Looks Like, And They Are Instantly Relatable

These Pictures Perfectly Capture What True Love Looks Like, And They Are Instantly Relatable

Los Angeles illustrator Amanda Oleander draws out the inimate little realities of relationships behind closed doors.

They say love makes the world go around - and at the very least, we can agree that most of the greatest art was inspired by love. While media everywhere is dedicated to showing us the happy, shiny exterior of being in love or in a relationship, behind closed doors, it's always not that shiny.

The reality of relationships is more comfortable and accepting, and once the "honeymoon period" is over, there's beauty in the daily comfort that's also deserving of a showcase. That's what Los Angeles artist Amanda Oleander does. Her detailed watercolour illustrations show her audience nuances and vignettes of the intimate little realities of relationships - in private. This selection of relatable illustrations will definitely warm your heart and have you saying "Hey, that's me," if you're in a relationship.

1. When you're at home, no one can stop you from grooming your partner. 



2. But maybe you need to have a conversation about their freezing feet.



3. You can be couch potatoes together whenever you want



4. And you have to compromise when it comes to the thermostat



5. Game Of Thrones nights can be a big event, and no one will judge you for nerding out.



6. Or you can just not bother to wear anything at all, knowing your partner won't care what you look like.



7. The bed feels really empty when they're not around...



8. And you always have a helping hand when they are.



9. Love means tolerating morning breath. 



10. And being an impediment to the designated driver. 



11. Here's the reality of a relationship - you could get injured.



12. But your partner will also help you grow.



13. Sometimes, you have drastically different preferences in shower temperature.



14. And a non-judgemental partner won't care about your body hair.



15. In fact, they'll be proud of you. Because it's part of who you are. 



16. As Pavana Reddy says, “When was the last time someone ran their fingers through the knots in your soul?” 



17. And this one is called "Look, I found another hair", something that long-haired people can deeply relate to.



18. That hair really does get everywhere. 



19. But your partner probably won't care



20. Behind closed doors, you can freely cuddle for hours.



21. And help get at some hard-to-reach spots.



22. This piece is all-too-familiar if you're a gamer...or the partner of one.



23. You can be your most child-like self in a relationship...



24. You can age proudly and gracefully with someone to show off to.



25.  And you feel like being loved and in love is your own little bubble of safety. 


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