You Can Now Get Indoor Cat Towers That Look Like Real Trees

You Can Now Get Indoor Cat Towers That Look Like Real Trees

These indoor cat towers are made of wood, plush carpeting, cedar, and silk leaves and they are perfect for your feline friends.

Image Source: Instagram/Pet Tree Houses

Have you noticed how cats become energized when they spot insects or just about any decorations hanging around in the house?  Well, there's a perfect solution for your cat to expend all that pent up energy with these indoor cat towers that are designed like trees. Made by Florida couple, Shelley and Joe DelRocco these come at quite a steep price anywhere between $574 to $1,199, according to a Bored Panda report but it's a small price considering it will keep your feline friends occupied. The couple made the first cat tower that they used for themselves back in 2008. Pretty soon, these were spotted by family members and friends who liked what they saw.



An idea for a business was born and pretty soon they were taking orders from strangers and today, they sell their designs to cat owners all around the country and even abroad. While cat towers are nothing new what's different about the ones sold by Shelly and DelRocco is the fact that they have imbibed trees and the idea of being outdoors into their design. Besides being a cat tower, these also look really good as decor inside one's house. Just look at all those branches and leaves from the tower and it feels as if you are in a garden. So yes, it does serve a double purpose of being a thing to climb and play on for your cats while at the same time, a lovely part of your home's ambiance. 



Most cat towers look nothing like the ones designed by the couple.  It was, however, a design that they perfected over a period of time and the final product shows the level of expertise that they have achieved with their cat towers. They sometimes seem like real trees but why would these not be since the two always have one thing in their minds when they design their products: make it seem like the cats are outdoors in a garden while they are actually indoors. A design like this also speaks of their love for animals and cats since the couple has pets of their own. And what are these towers made of and from? Wood, plush carpeting, cedar, and silk leaves. These are durable and have enough space for not just one but probably even for half a dozen cats to get climb on. 



DelRoccos said, “Our real cat tree with leaves is designed to focus on your cat’s true nature, bringing out your cat’s primal instincts. This method helps reduce captive stress and encourages your cat to stretch and scratch on the gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all.” And the reviews of their products have been mostly positive on Etsy. Katherine wrote: My cats LOVE this addition to our home! Obviously crafted with skill and love, this sturdy piece will be the happy perch of my feline family for years to come. Shona whose boyfriend is a fastidious woodworker stated:  Really incredible. My boyfriend was a wood-worker and he was truly impressed ( very unlike him). It’s well made, beautiful and truly epic. 



Another happy customer known by the name fireflyhollowsp wrote: Beautiful cat tree! Shipping was within the window stated in the listing, if not a bit faster by a week. Product was packed very well and labeled clearly. Instructions also clear. I love it and cats do too!

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