These Heart-Shaped Succulents Are Way Too Adorable And Make For The Perfect Gift

These Heart-Shaped Succulents Are Way Too Adorable And Make For The Perfect Gift

These heart shaped plants are perfect for the ones who fear committment.

Image Source: Instagram/@mmi_roo

There is a lot for us to learn about the flora and fauna that exist on Earth. With each day comes a new discovery and the most recent plant to go viral simply because of the way it looks is the heart-shaped succulent, scientifically known as Conophytum Bilobum. There are so many varieties and Columbus Cactus Club says these plants thrive during Fall, especially when other cacti and succulents prepare for winter dormancy. Meanwhile, the World Of Succulents reveal that these could come in several shapes and sizes, and with different textures as well. 


They even bear flowers and sometimes it gets difficult to see the cluster of succulents because of the flowers! Native to western South Africa and Namibia, these succulents are typically found in areas that are quite arid, and which receive most of its rainfall in fall and winter. Due to the seasonal rains, these plants are genetically programmed to produce all of their growth in fall and winter and are known to break their dormancy as a response to the shortening daylight hours in late summer. If you're planning on getting one of these, then you better make sure to place it in a bright spot. 


Llifle states that these are one of the easiest plants to grow, and apparently they too shed their old skin, like snakes, while a fresh new plant comes out through the skin of the old one. Fascinating, isn't it? It doesn't need too much care, making it a perfect fit for people with commitment issues. All you need to do is mist it every other week after they bloom during October/November, and then once a week during late spring. These cute plants can go dormant in the heat, and if that happens you shouldn't water them more than once in three weeks. If you think the leaves are retracting into the soil or that they look wrinkly, then you need to water it. 


Make sure to use soil that has a high drainage capacity and good porosity. Now, coming to why they are heart-shaped. The leaves of the Conophytums are extremely succulent; the leaf pairs are united together for at least part of their length; many species have leaves which are united only at their leaf bases, and produce leaf pairs with curiously shaped lobes, explain Colombus Cactus Club. To some, it may seem like stubby pincers while it looks like a heart to most people. It's easy to take care of and looks adorable, which explains why people are so in love with this succulent. So, when are you going to get yours?


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