These Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Are Exactly What You Need For Late Night Camping Trips

These Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Are Exactly What You Need For Late Night Camping Trips

This is exactly what you need for your camping trip to prevent any accidents.

Camping is always a good idea, and it can be really fun if you have a proper plan and take a couple of your friends along. I mean, you get to stay away from the hustle and bustle of urban life and also catch up with your friends. This sounds perfect, doesn't it? Well...near-perfect. Let me tell you what's not fun. Tripping on ropes. Sure, there are no lights in the wilderness, but that's no excuse for the number of times we fall down because it's just too dark and we can't see the ropes that are holding up our tent.


The rope-tripping does make gazing at the stars a bit painful. What could possibly be the solution to this and honestly why did it take so long to come up with it? Well, it's better late than never and the glow-in-the-dark ropes are finally here! YES, that's right, these ropes glow in the dark, which means you can now watch your step and it also makes tying and untying ropes a breeze, even if it is in the middle of the night.



Honestly, if I may say so myself, the ropes do have a fun vibe and can make your camping trip a lot more exciting. I'm truly happy that the only falling I will be doing is onto my bed and not the ground.  The official product description states, "Designed for outdoor recreation this line is great for emergency applications, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, hunting and traveling. This cord is an essential piece to any survival gear kit. The best substitute for standard Paracord this cord is also commonly used in crafting and bracelet making."

Source: Amazon


The rope has the ability to glow for about five hours a night. It is made up of sturdy polypropylene with diamond braids for extra strength. It even resists mold and mildew making it perfect for using it even in water. To add that extra bit of safety in the dark, you can get those glow in the dark metal tent pegs. The stoppers of the pegs glow in the dark and will ensure you don't accidentally trip on it or step on it.



According to the product description, the peg will be able to "hold strong against heavy winds in the dirt, grand, rocky soil, sand, and all kinds of terrain. This product is perfect for backyard sleepovers, beach trips, camping, picnics, sporting events, and so much more." The pegs need to be exposed to sunlight as well. You can get the pack of two glow in the dark ropes on Amazon and you can buy it here for $14 or single ropes here. You can buy a pack of ten glow in the dark pegs for $12 here.




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