These Crocheted Aprons Can Hold Upto 19 Eggs And It's Ideal For All Chicken Owners

These Crocheted Aprons Can Hold Upto 19 Eggs And It's Ideal For All Chicken Owners

A company called Heart Hook Home is offering these incredible crocheted patterns for people who work in chicken farms and it allows you to carry 19 eggs. A kid's version can hold at least 10 eggs.

For people who love crochets and multi-purpose aprons, this is something that should definitely be in your household. It's called the Egg-cellent Apron and as the name suggests, it's mainly for people who love to harvest eggs from their chicken farms but at the same time also use it for various purposes. Like keeping other items while doing household chores or just keeping other things while you tend to your farm. The pattern for the apron is being offered free of charge by Heart Hook And Home that designed the entire concept in the first place. 



The website mentioned that it is also "Great for Easter Egg hunts as well!" Ad-free versions of the pattern are also available on Ravelry and on Etsy. "For this egg-cellent egg gathering apron we will create a back/main portion, three strips that we will use for pockets, one large pocket is placed last, for your cell phone, to-do list, pen… whatever. Then we will add a strap, doubled-up for added durability. Harvest up to NINETEEN eggs in your egg gathering apron each morning!" according to Etsy.  There are also versions that cater to children called the "The Child Size Egg-cellent Apron."


After all, working on a farm could involve a lot of kids and why would they want to be left out when mom or dad tend to the chickens while harvesting the eggs from the coop. The child-size is "approximately 15 inches wide and 10 inches tall" and is perfect for children between 8 years and 10 years.

According to Etsy, it "would also be great for the adult whose hens don’t lay eggs every day." The reviews for the pattern have been excellent with a lot of people saying they could not wait to weave these for themselves and their children.



A reviewer, Natasha Patton, gave the adult Egg-cellent Apron a 5 star and wrote, "I can not wait to use this pattern! First Pattern I am reading but I am really excited to have this be my first project! Thank you again!."

Another commentator, Maggie H wrote, "Wonderfully written pattern and turned out SO well. I think I must crochet a little looser because I used one hook smaller than the recommended size, but it worked perfectly that way. Definitely would recommend (and will be making more!)."

Linda Gosch wrote, "I love this pattern. It is so creative. I have made this for my daughter in law for Christmas, as she has chickens. This is going to be a GREAT, unusual gift. The pattern is very easy to follow."



She added, "I thoroughly enjoyed making this and it turned out great." In order to get started, Oddity Mail highlighted "you'll first need the following materials: a size J crochet hook, an upholstery needle for sewing, bobby pins (for stitch markers), and approx: 725 yards of Acrylic/Cotton blend (size 4, medium weight)." Happy weaving!

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