These Adorable Pictures Of Puppies Tucked Into Bed At Daycare Will Make Your Day

These Adorable Pictures Of Puppies Tucked Into Bed At Daycare Will Make Your Day

Puppy Spring facility is just like a day-care for puppies. They have scheduled activities and even a designated nap time!

Puppies are adorable, period. They can melt the hardest of hearts by just walking or barking. Unfortunately, not all of us can spend all our time gazing and playing with these puppers, but fret not, because the Puppy Spring facility in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, does a mighty good job in taking care of these pups, and their posts on Instagram are proof enough. They teach them different activities during the day and tuck them into bed after a long, active day. Sometimes, even with their favorite toys!  


Such facilities are quickly gaining popularity across the globe and it's not all that different from a regular daycare. After all, these pups make us pet parents, don't they? “There are reservations for 30 dogs each day,” a Puppy Spring spokesperson told Bored Panda. “We also operate as a play center where children can come in to relax.” They have a fixed naptime, and my heart is about to explode with all this cuteness. 


“We get the pups napping from 2 pm to 3:30 pm. The cost of our services varies and depends on a few different factors, including the time dogs spend at the facility.” While the energetic and enthusiastic puppers dream of chasing birds through gardens, the dedicated employees at the facility get to take a breather as well, but not before they snap a picture of them adorable boops and upload it onto their social media platform. 


The people working there must be truly gifted at being around dogs because how else do you get these energetic puppers to lie down so peacefully? Also, since it's Christmas, they also did a winter wonderland shoot with the puppers posing amidst props and looking angelic. Like I said, they're magical people to get puppies to POSE for pictures because let's face it, there's nothing harder than getting a dog to pose for a picture. 


Of course, this is something everyone loves seeing and the page regularly gets compliments for the cuteness overload. Apparently, you can train your puppers to go to bed on time and Margareth Roney McNish Romano vouches for it: "My three Yorkies all have a sleep from 1:30 till about 2:30. They all will get into their beds and go to sleep. If a routine is set up dogs will follow it very easily. My guys started doing this when I worked evenings. I am now retired and they still do."


Cera da Costa added: "Like any daycare, human or puppy - nap times are the Best." We couldn't agree more! Kim Wathen posted: "How in the world did they get them all the lay there like that?! LOL! I don't think you can get a room full of children to lay down that peacefully." There's a reason why dogs are a man's best friend! Terri Franke-Taylor wrote something that I would truly love to do: "That’s it, I am quitting my job and going to devote my time here! Cuteness overload." 


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