These 20 Adorable Pictures Of Cows Tell You They Are Big Dogs In Disguise

These 20 Adorable Pictures Of Cows Tell You They Are Big Dogs In Disguise

One look at these pictures and videos, and you will be convinced that they are indeed big doggos masquerading as cows

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When we think of pets, a cat or a dog is the first thing that comes to mind. Well, what about cows? Probably not, right? Surprisingly, they make for adorable pets and are just big dogs in disguise when you think about it. They love to cuddle with their humans, are generous with their kisses, and love a good scratch or two. What's more, they unconditionally love you, too. The size of the cows doesn't matter, either. From calves to full-grown cows, there's something for everyone.  

1. Cow smooches for one lucky dog

Source: Imgur


2. This adorable fluffy baby sticking its tongue out is all kinds of aww



3. Cows napping with their BFF makes you all warm and fuzzy

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4. Kisses for the tiny missus



5. Did someone say Christmas?



6. Getting nice and cozy in my favorite spot



7.  Coming through, 'moo've over



8. Cows make for a great cuddle buddy



9. They make for a great headrest that is strong and sturdy


10. Cuddle sesh in progress, and he's a happy camper



11. This fluffy cow is just the cutest



12. Psst, I'm a doggo masquerading as a cow



13. Some licks and pets. All in a day's work



14. Must destroy leaves of doom



15. Cuddles and scratches make my day



16. Snow me some love



17. Cows love a good old scratch and licks as a sign of thanks



18. Cowabunga!



19. Pure, unadulterated joy



20. We love them scritches, don't we?


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