These 15 Quotes Will Help You When You Are Feeling Down And Out

These 15 Quotes Will Help You When You Are Feeling Down And Out

Life's not always going to be a bed of roses, but when you need a ray of hope, these quotes can help you.

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Life is filled with ups and downs. It's not always going to go the way you want it to and you are bound to get hurt. But, if you spend time sulking over the past instead of working your way towards a brighter future, it's going to take a toll on you eventually. The best way to get over a rather difficult situation is to seek motivation. It can be anywhere, in a friend, in something you read, or even from something you do. If at all you've found yourself in a slump and are in need of some serious motivation, probably these 15 quotes about life and happiness can be of help to you. 

1. It's the thought that counts

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2. Truly, happiness has no bounds

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3. Think of the better picture

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4. It all starts and ends with you

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5. Some things are better ignored than acknowledged, for the sake of your happiness

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6. When happiness radiates through you

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7. It's all about hope and confidence

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8. You deserve to be loved by yourself

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9. All it takes is a little push

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10. Hustle hard, dream big

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11. Change starts with you

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12. It's time to stop being an amateur

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13. You've got to look hard for opportunities

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14. Love yourself!

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15. Fear is of no use

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