Watch: There's An Alternate Ending To 'Titanic,' And It's Simply Awful

Watch: There's An Alternate Ending To 'Titanic,' And It's Simply Awful

You'll be glad that they stuck to the original ending as opposed to this cringeworthy alternate one.

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Who can forget James Cameron's Oscar-winning movie Titanic that was released in 1997. It's been 23 years since it released featuring a pair of star-crossed lovers that went on to become a box-office smash raking in $2,187,500,000 worldwide, and retained the number one spot for ten years. Now, an alternate ending has resurfaced, and it's going viral for all the wrong reasons. The Independent reports that a deleted scene, which was featured as an extra on a DVD version of the film first released in 2005, made its way on to Twitter after it was shared by Pat Brennan. 

As we all know, the actual version begins and ends with an elderly Rose played by Gloria Stuart on board a treasure hunting boat, where the mission is to search for a necklace with a rare diamond. Towards the end, Rose reveals that she's had the prized piece of jewelry all along. ​Rose then throws the necklace into the vast ocean so that it can finally be reunited with her lover, Jack, in secret. Since they were no witnesses to this, the deleted scene gives us an idea of what could have happened instead. 



And here's where the alternate ending reveals the sheer absurdity of it all. In this ending, Rose places the priceless necklace in treasure hunter Brock Lovett's hands briefly, and says, "You look for treasure in the wrong places, Mr. Lovett," as he gazes at the necklace. "Only life is priceless, and making each day count," she adds before casually chucking the necklace into the water with a chuckle. Lovett's expressions are a riot. He seemingly forgets why he was there in the first place and buys into the whole thing like it never really mattered. He begins to laugh hysterically (and to be honest, so are we at this point). Perhaps it was the sheer futility of the mission that sent him over the metaphorical edge, who knows, really! The only ones who seem to be upset by this revelation are the crew members, who are shocked by what's happened. One even runs to the side of the boat, and yells: "That really sucks, lady." Yes, we feel you. 



Here are some noteworthy reactions: 



















If you're wondering why this was shot in the first place, maybe this Redditor might help shed some light on it. They wrote: You go from this very somber ending of the Titanic and learning the fate of all the passengers to this joyous oddly placed scene about love in about 5 minutes span of time. Titanic has a lot of deleted scenes, something like 30-45 minutes worth of deleted scenes that you can find online and on the BR/DVD releases.

And the majority of these deleted scenes are terrible and don't fit the tone of the final movie we saw. It's been speculated that when James Cameron was making this film he didn't really know rather he was going to make a love story or an action film. This is why the film feels like both and why the deleted scenes look so odd because they had enough material to go either direction. When they got to editing they put everything in and had to start cutting down the time and figure out what type of film they wanted to release. What we got is a hybrid love + action style film that actually works as a film.  And thank heavens for that!

Nevertheless, if you still can't get over the alternate ending, watch it here once again!



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