The Shape Of Your Nose Has A Lot To Reveal About Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Nose Has A Lot To Reveal About Your Personality

Apart from the basic function your nose was meant for, it also has quite a lot to say about the kind of person you are.

Types Of Noses

Many try to read the expressions on other's faces, but the features speak a lot about the personality itself. However, it isn't something everyone can read and understand. Our features portray emotions. While most of us think that our nose doesn't really have a part to play, it can actually reveal a lot of things. There are different types of noses on different faces and each type of nose has volumes to reveal about someone's personality. 

1. Big Nose

Big Nose

If your nose has wider tips and larger nostrils, then confidence is your middle name. You've worked for it, and people are usually in awe of your dedication and commitment. You like to stay away from trivial conversations; you'd rather engage in something more meaningful and intellectual. You're usually always in control of your emotions and you might seem a bit uptight to those who don't really know you. However, you can let your hair down and how! Also, when it comes to relationships, you're someone your partner knows they can rely on to be there with them during tough times.

2. Fleshy Nose

Fleshy Nose

If you have a nose that has a narrow root that steadily expands into a snub end, you are the type of person with quick thinking and wit. When a problem arises, you have an amazing ability to find a solution to it, without making matters worse. You don't like to waste a lot of your time with people who you don't vibe with. But this is not the case with you when it comes to relationships Then, you know how to take your time to really show the people you care about that you're in it for good. You would drop everything to be by their side during times of need and that's one of your most commendable traits. 

3. Roman Nose

Roman Nose

If your nose has a bridge that slants sharply downwards with just a slight bend in the middle, then you're known to be a jovial person. You're ambitious and headstrong, but your charm wins people over in an instant. You don't waste time pondering over what you want, it's something you know. Thus, you work towards your goals, and this encourages others to be like you. As for relationships, you know how to give and take. You are the type of person who treats their loved ones with the love and respect and gives them the importance they deserve. which is what attracts them to you even more.

4. Button Nose

Button Nose

If you have a cute nose that looks like a button, then you're someone with killer looks. But don't let anyone be fooled that you're all beauty and no brains because that's the exact opposite of what you are. You also give your all when it comes to love, and don't waste any opportunity to show them just how much you cherish them. Sometimes your emotions can get quite intense and you wonder what to do with it all, but your strength helps you get back onto your feet, regardless of the situation you're in. You are stronger than most give you credit for.

5. Celestial Nose

Celestial Nose

A slight dent in the middle of the bridge of the nose, with an upturned tip, suggests that you're someone who manages to see the silver lining in every cloud, no matter how gloomy it seems. People come to you to ease their pain and anxiety, and you do your best to help them. Like a sponge, you absorb other's hurt and make sure that they are happy, irrespective of how it makes you feel afterward. The best part is that it doesn't affect the love you hold for them in your enormous heart.  When it comes to your partner, they know you have their back. You also have an adventurous side to you that only your close ones get to see. 

6. Hawk Nose

Hawk Nose

People have always claimed that this kind of nose, with a slight bend in the center with sharp edges, is unattractive, but is exactly the opposite. When you walk into a room, you command confidence, and you turn heads with your strides. You are not someone that will break down easily. You believe in living life on your own terms and aren't fond of being tied down by ordinary things. You like to go where the road takes you. But when it comes to your loved ones, you're more than willing to leave everything behind to be by their side and this is a very valuable quality that not everyone possesses in this selfish world. 

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