The Shape Of Your Feet Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

The Shape Of Your Feet Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

As unexpected as it may seem, your toes can actually reveal quite a lot about the person you are.

Of everything that could possibly reveal our personality, no one thought toes would be on the list. However, the way they are aligned and the shape they're in can actually reveal a lot.  We often delve into the world of zodiac signs, palmistry, handwriting, numerology, finger size and a lot more to know more about our personality. Now, the shape and size of our toes can also help us identify what our personality truly looks like. After all, it's the little things that matter. There are four possibilities, so read on to know which category you fall under and what that says about you. 

1. Your first three toes are of equal length

Did you know this is also known as a Roman Toe? Basically, when your first three toes are of the same length but the other two are significantly shorter,  it means that you may have Roman ancestry and not just any Roman ancestry, but one associated with the nobility of ancient Italy who used to go out and conquer nations. This also means that your intellectual prowess is something others are in awe of. 

First three toes of equal length


You're always thirsty for knowledge and you have the ability to just see the beauty in everything. This means that you're someone that sees the best in people, and sometimes that can lead to you being taken advantage of. However, you're smart and that prevents you from being conned. When it comes to your love life, you believe in matching with your partner physically, mentally,  as well as spiritually. Just being in sync with your SO makes you a great lover. 

2. Your toes are on the same level

If all, or at least four of your toes seem to look the same, length-wise, this could mean that your ancestry lies in Germany, most possibly a tribe that once lived in western and central Europe. Your personality includes being hard-working, thorough and strong-willed, and because of this, there's an aura of humility that surrounds you, making you one of the most approachable types of people. You come across as someone to count on, and also someone who's brutally honest because lies have no part in your life. 

Toes are all the same height


This makes you someone that can be trusted, but people also know your blatant honesty can sometimes hurt them. However, that actually plays a very important role in your relationship, making you someone who is honest and trustworthy. This does not mean you forget your partner's needs. Since you're someone who loves whole-heartedly and is usually easy-going, there are very few conflicts that occur in your relationship.

3. Your toes are in descending order of height 

If your toes are in perfect descending order, then that could mean you've got the blood of an Arabic or Egyptian ancestor coursing through you. This also means that adventures are a big part of your life. When it comes to expressing yourself, you speak out without mincing your words. There are days where you want to just take a deep breath and let everything go past you, but that's just you recharging for your next adventure. 

Toes are in descending order


When it comes to your partner, you need someone who is like you. Someone who is always ready to take on a challenge and enjoy the journey you take together. Discovering new things about each other and the relationship is one of the best parts of the bond you both share. That's what makes your relationship so sacred and unique.  Where you used to jump into new experiences on your own, now it's enhanced with someone by your side.

4. Your second toe is your longest toe

If your second toe is longer than your big toe in size, then you've got a special physiological feature known as Morton's Toe. This feature is known to be passed down through Greek ancestry and only around 20-30% of people actually have this. When people need words to describe you, they usually go with ones like 'creative', 'innovative' and someone who thinks 'out-of-the-box'. You see the world in a different light from others, something that allows you to actually see people for who they are. 

The second toe is the longest


People are attracted to you because your leadership skills shine through. They know you can handle any situation with grace and authority. Sometimes, this can get to be a bit too much for you to handle, but you manage to pull yourself up and get past it. Your partner is also attracted to these qualities, just as much as you are. But what they love more is your ability to constantly surprise them by letting them see different sides to you. Every day is a new day for them. 

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