Real Easter Bunny? Nine-Year-Old Girl From Belfast Collects 600 Easter Eggs For Sick Children

Real Easter Bunny? Nine-Year-Old Girl From Belfast Collects 600 Easter Eggs For Sick Children

The girl from Belfast has collected around 1100 Easter eggs over the past three years. Each of the eggs were personally given to sick children.

A nine-year-old girl named Jasmine Parker from Belfast, Northern Ireland, has taken it upon herself to ensure that the sick children do not miss out on Easter this year. The little girl is here to prove that the world isn't as bad a place as we all say it is. Over the past three years, Parker has collected around 1100 Easter eggs. Every single Easter egg was personally distributed to sick children. Jasmine is a regular visitor at two children's hospitals and one children's hospice with her collection of chocolate eggs. These eggs are given to children who are of her age or younger. According to her mother, Maggie Johnston, the nine-year-old girl does all the hard work on her own and only asks her mum to assist her when it comes to traveling to and from the hospitals and while loading up the car. 

"Jasmine has always been kind-hearted," Maggie told the Mirror. "So, I wasn't surprised when she was six and asked me if the Easter bunny visits children who are in hospital and sick. I said 'no' and she came up with this brilliant idea that made me gleam with pride, she is naturally so caring. I put a post on Facebook and she received 171 eggs from friends and family. Ever since, she has been known for being the Belfast hospitals' very own Easter bunny and now she gets a lot more donations every year."


The 32-year-old mother continued, "This year, 50 eggs were donated from Scotland alone and local companies also gave us some - Jasmine was over the moon. My living room is now full; we can't even sit down on the sofa, but it is so worth it as the children will be amazed and so thankful. Jasmine loves helping other people and you can't wipe the smile off her face when she has given the eggs out on the wards. It is incredible to see how people come together and donate Easter eggs. All I do is write a Facebook appeal on Jasmine's behalf which gets shared and I organize a collect[ion]point for the donations."


Jasmine decided to take things to the next level this year. She got a local radio involved in order to help her collect more eggs for the children at the Royal Victoria Children's Hospital, Ulster Hospital, and a local children's hospice. Jasmine was surrounded by hundreds of boxes of Easter eggs. She has decided to distribute all these eggs personally on Easter Sunday this weekend. The sick children at the hospitals also need to celebrate Easter. Just because they are stuck at the hospital during Easter Sunday, does not mean that they should miss out on the traditional chocolate eggs that most of them love and wait all year for. 


Maggie added, "Last year, there were 283 donations and my car was a tight squeeze as it was so full. This year, we will need to use my partner's car too as they won't all fit in mine! Our pride cannot be expressed in words, her enthusiasm to give to others over herself brings a smile to our faces. We ask ourselves how did we get so lucky to have a beautifully kind-hearted child. Jasmine may have started this but if it wasn't for the generosity of the people of Northern Ireland and further afield it wouldn't have been as such as a success."


She concluded, "Everyone who donated has helped give a child a smile for Easter which is worth far more than anything else. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their donations and their kind messages of support and here is to a bigger campaign next year." Everyone is very proud of the work jasmine is doing. She has started such pure and selfless initiatives at such a young age and will hopefully do more in the future. The nine-year-old's story has gone viral on social media and this is only inspiring others to start doing things for others without expecting anything in return.


It takes a lot to do a selfless act. It is not simple, especially not for children who still have not reached that level of maturity. Their actions are completely pure and innocent. When children as young as Jasmine can think about others more than about themselves and their own needs then what is stopping us? It is time that everyone decided to give back to society. It does not have to be 600 Easter eggs or a million dollars to charity. Just doing as much as we can is enough. While giving back to society, nothing is too little or too much. Do good to the world and the world will do good to you. 


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