The 2020 Australian Firefighter Calendar Is Out & It's On Fire

The 2020 Australian Firefighter Calendar Is Out & It's On Fire

You are advised to sit with water next to you, in case you need to douse yourself from the fire that's sure to ignite.

There are hot men, and then there are Australian firefighters. Words fail to describe just how amazing they are, with their chiseled body, bumps and lumps in all the right places. And, their hair slicked back. I mean, it is quite meaningless to put these fine men on the calendar because no one is going to throw them out. Who needs to know the date when we can simply ogle at these gorgeous men all day (and night) long? One look at them and you're definitely going to need them to put out the FIRE in your soul because, boy are they smokin' hot or what?


Since 1993 firefighters from Australia’s Urban, Rural, Aviation, Armed Forces and Corporate fire fighting services have been coming together to create the world’s most iconic calendar.  We've got to thank them for their kind social service.  They go through 3 rigorous weeks of photography, and then the final images are put together to create the annual Australian Firefighters Calendar for fans across the globe.


You know, the best part about the whole shoot for the calendar is that they're not just a bunch of half-naked men posing around for the cameras. Ever since the Australian Firefighters Calendar has been launched, they have donated over $3 million dollars to various charities around Australia with $1.9 million dollars of that being donated in the past 5 years alone. Good looks and good cause. Now that's something that we can roll with. 


The thing is, for the 2020 calendar, the hot firefighters are seen posing with cats and kittens. And, if that wasn't enough, they've also done a shoot with a bunch of adorable rescue puppies. It is just too adorable for words, because the cat actually high-fives all the firefighters, and the dogs just go about licking everyone's face! What happens when you mix cute and hot together? You get an Australian firefighter calendar that is on fire! And, FYI, they ship all over the world. 








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