This Texas Husband And Wife Are Officially The Oldest Living Couple In The World

This Texas Husband And Wife Are Officially The Oldest Living Couple In The World

While John Henderson is 106 years, his wife, Charlotte is 105. The Guinness Book Of Records bestowed the title upon them in August.

On December 15, this Texas couple will celebrate 80 years of togetherness. This is easily the lifespan of an average American. But what's more astonishing is the fact that the combined ages between the two are over two centuries. John Henderson who is 106 years and his wife, Charlotte, 105, have officially entered the record books as the "oldest married couple" in the world. According to the Guinness World Of Records, the couple has an "aggregate age of 211 years 175 days, as verified in Austin, Texas, USA, on 28 August 2019."



It further added, "Charlotte and John Henderson were married back in 1939." The two met as students of the University of Texas back in 1934 according to CNN. While Charlotte was studying to become a teacher, John was a guard for the football team. Four years later, they decided to be together for the rest of their lives. However, it was not the happiest of times. The Great Depression had set in but in the midst of the economic darkness, the two found happiness. They said the times were so bad that they spent just $7 in a hotel room for their honeymoon. John is also the oldest living former University of Texas football player.



He has held on to the tradition of attending at least one Longhorn football game annually for the past 84 years. If there is any love story that has stood the test of time, this couple is a testament to that. The love between them has only grown stronger over the years. They moved to a Longhorn Village meant for senior citizens associated with a University of Texas alumni group, 10 years ago and they are happy as ever. As for their health, John exercises every day.



Social media netizens were quick to share their well-wishes for the couple. Benjamin A. Okwoli‏ wroteCongratulations to them. Wishing them more years in good health. Oswal Aria‏ added: Congratulations!!! LOVE is the key of our happiness!!! Ronnie Mushiwokufa noted: Amazing!!!So how many generations of their kids have they seen? Leoarndo‏ mused: incredible 80 years. That is a period of time that I can hardly imagine. Dollbaby wrote about how she would love to meet the couple. She said: Would love to ask her about life in general, living w a man for this long, and never wanting to crack him on his head, because after 50 yrs NOT PICKING up his underwear!

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