Texas Father And Son Make History By Graduating Police Academy Together

Texas Father And Son Make History By Graduating Police Academy Together

Winston and Christian Edmondson would wake up every day at 4.30 a.m. and study together late at night during tests.

Source: Youtube/CBS DFW

It's not uncommon for a parent and their child to have similar career paths as children often idolize their parents, some even join the same vocation as their parents. In the case of this Texan father and son duo, things happened a little differently — they graduated from the police academy on the very same day. Winston and Christian Edmondson completed the Tarrant County College's Law Enforcement Academy to become the first such pair in the state's recent history to pull off such a unique feat, reports KTVT.




Damon Ing, a member of the Tarrant Law Enforcement Academy, spoke to the outlet, and said: "As we all know, police officers are entering a very turbulent time in our society and it was very refreshing that a father and son duo wanted to actually come." For Winston, the idea of becoming a police officer was always a dream and he often encouraged his children to join the force, in hopes that it would someday become a family affair. "I had been thinking about getting into law enforcement and I had been encouraging both my sons to get into law enforcement," he explained. So, Christian decided to take his father up on his offer and enrolled at the Tarrant County Academy along with him.




Besides earning them a police badge, the experience of studying together has also brought them closer as they pushed each other on to excel at the Academy. "My dad and I are really competitive," the younger Edmundson said. "This academy was good for both of us, I think, because it kinda gave us a bond."

Simplemost reports that the dedicated duo would get up at 4.30 a.m. and drive together to the academy every day. Besides this, they also stayed up late studying for tests. On the last day, Winston posted a picture of both of them together alongside a caption, writing: "Today was our last day as Police Academy cadets. For the last 5 months, we've been getting up at 4:30 am and driving to Fort Worth together. We've been listening, learning, and debating together. We've been running, rowing, and grappling. And we've been studying, sometimes all night long, to pass those tricky academy tests. Today, we passed our Texas peace officer licensing exam and graduated from the academy. It's time for the next phase of our law enforcement career. I'm going to miss spending so much time with my son. I'm going to cherish these memories."




Even though they graduated together, they are now going to pursue an independent career path. Christian was officially sworn into the Flower Mound Police Department on Thursday, while his dad is looking at offers. Netizens offered their good wishes on the successful completion of their Academy exam. Lori Scott Dreiling wrote: "Congratulations Christian! Very excited for you and your dad!" Commenting on a YouTube video, a woman called Udo Loves Boba who claims to be Christian's sister-in-law, said: "I had no idea Christian wanted to be a police officer."



The Edmundsons weren't the only ones to raise eyebrows at the Law Enforcement Academy graduation, reports PEOPLE. William Shaw was yet another candidate who made the news for graduating at the young age of 61. He was sworn into the Grapevine Police Department. Speaking of his accomplishment, he said: "It doesn't matter the age. If you can push yourself and persevere, you'll get there." The department went on to congratulate Shaw for graduating from the academy successfully with a brief message on their official Twitter account. "Please join us in congratulating our newest Officer William Shaw. He was sworn in this morning, just before graduating from the police academy. Welcome to our family!" they tweeted besides two photos of Shaw being sworn in with his badge.


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