You Can Now Hire A Creepy Clown To Deliver Donuts To Your Friends

You Can Now Hire A Creepy Clown To Deliver Donuts To Your Friends

Hurts Donut has come up with a new delivery system that allows you to hire creepy clowns to deliver the sweet treat!

If you think clowns are nothing but fun, think again. While many see the oddly dressed, red nosed people as a hilarious interpretation of a joke, there are others who are absolutely terrified of them. The fear of clowns is absolutely real and to prove it's legitimacy let me provide you the scientific name of this terrorizing condition, it's called coulrophobia.

And now with the sudden surge in clown-related horror movies, the phobia seems to be increasing by the day. Of course, the 2017 remake of Stephen King's It tops the list!

People usually become convincing how these nightmares cannot turn into reality. Sadly for this lot, things are going to be really scary. According to a report by Metro, a Dallas based donut shop has come up with an arrangement that's sure to give clown-hating people the fright of their life.

Hurts Donut in Dallas, Texas has designed a special delivery system that will enable you to deliver donuts at your friend's place through a terrifying clown!



Well, if you stay far away from Hurts Donut's shops then count your lucky stars. Scary clowns won't be walking around your vicinity for sure! Also, this is not an everyday thing, but it's merely a two-day "fun" offer that the dessert shop's Springfield, Middleton, and Frisco outlets have introduced.

So if you're residing anywhere near these locations you better be prepared for a sweet treat that would surely terrify the life out of you! So what made them come up with a plan like this?  Speaking to Guide Live, the shop's owner Kas Clegg said, "We always try to keep up with the trends, and clowns are trending right now." It surely is Clegg!



"We always try to keep up with trends, and clowns are trending right now," she told the outlet. "It's fall, and it's getting close to Halloween, so we just wanted to spice it up a little bit and do a super fun delivery ...We just love scary clowns."

So, if you are looking forward to pranking any of your friends just by dialing a number and losing a few bucks then this is the offer you need to take advantage of! The outlet started this horrific delivery system 2 years ago. And every time during Halloween, they set two dates when you can avail this clown with a scary good delicacy! You would be charged an addition $5 for a clown delivery which will be levied over $5 regular delivery. 



Surely this is a sort of offer that no one wants to let go of! How amazing would it be for clown lovers if this scary tactic was extending by a few more days? That would really be fun! Now, there are a few more questions that I'm sure you are dying to get the answers for like who is the person behind this scary clown outfit?

To this Clegg says, "My clown is my babysitter's husband" speaking about her store in Springfield, Missouri. "The Frisco store [clown] is the owner."

Apart from this Halloween special they also have Valentine's Day special where a cupid makes the deliveries. "On Valentine's Day, we have cupid deliveries where we actually have a guy in a diaper with wings and a bow and arrow, "said Clegg.

This is not the first time that she has come up with such an idea, in fact, they do these things a lot! "We actually do them all the time, this is just the first time it's gone viral," she added. 



However, there are others who would rather stay away from it. @fischerll69 wrote on Twitter: Pretty freakin scary. If donuts were delivered to me by a scary clown, I think I’d never eat donuts again. May be a good thing for my diet.

This idea seems to be working because @kcpeidson wrote: Ok I’m a man and I think I’m a pretty rough & tumble kind of guy but if I opened my door to that I would screen like my teenaged daughter and then I would pass out!! Only thing worse is if the clown was holding a snake....sorry 4 delay, mental thought made me pass out!


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