Tense CCTV Video Shows 9-Yr-Old Girl Outsmarting Stalker Who Followed Her Home

Tense CCTV Video Shows 9-Yr-Old Girl Outsmarting Stalker Who Followed Her Home

The nine-year-old girl senses the danger as the man rushes to use the door she opened after being buzzed in.

Image source: Screenshot/Twitter/@RT_com

A chilling video circulating the internet shows a quick-witted 9-year-old girl narrowly escaping a "sex predator." The video is from Russia where a menacing man appears to be following the schoolgirl in Stupino, which is 60 miles from Moscow. The man can be seen slowly watching her move and calculating his moves as he follows her into a building. The girl sensed the threat of the devious man and gave him the slip in the split of a second, leaving him confused. The chilling incident was caught on the CCTV footage of the building, reported The Sun. 



Self-defence experts praised the girl for thinking on her feet and escaping the man. In the video, the girl can be seen walking with a man close on her heels. The man can be seen slowing down and hanging back as she turns to the building. As she waits to get buzzed into the apartment building, he can be seen waiting. As she enters the building, he swiftly follows her to ensure he gets through the front door before it closes. Having already made aware of his presence, she was sure he posed a threat to her as he dashed to enter the building. 

At no point does the girl exhibit fear, and keeps her calm even with the alleged predator just a few feet away from her. The security footage from inside the building shows her climbing a short set of stairs. The set of stairs turns into a small corridor where the elevators are situated. In the space of the turn at the stairs, she quickly turns the other way to hide in a doorway. The man assumes she's walked to the elevator and heads to the elevator door. He's momentarily confused as she's nowhere to be seen despite it being a narrow corridor and then tries to press the elevator button. As he looks around, she can be seen giving him the slip behind his back. She heads back down the stairs and out of the building without the man realizing what's going on. 



The man realizes he's been outfoxed by the girl and walks out of the building. At the same time, the child can be seen walking back into the building with another man, who The Sun identified as her father who she had met outside. The man ignores the girl and his father as he walks out. As the girl and her father enter the building, she can be seen narrating the incident to her father. The video was uploaded to a YouTube channel titled Active Self Protection. The host of the video claimed that the suspicious-looking person had been arrested by the cops. 



The video found its way to Reddit where users praised the girl for thinking on her feet. "I shall say it again: Teach your kids to CHOOSE their assistant in such circumstances. Don't wait for someone to approach them to 'offer them help," wrote u/ledow. "Teach them to choose, from the crowd, the person they want to have helped them. If a child is lost, alone, being followed, etc. then they CANNOT trust a random person who approaches them. There is a much greater chance that said person has malicious intent or is actually an accomplice. If, however, your child then goes and *chooses* a random stranger, they stand a far better chance of getting someone without such malicious intent. Teach your kids: They can say no to anyone who approaches them. They can literally say 'Sorry, I don't trust you.' It's fine. Anyone who is genuine will understand 100 per cent."

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