Tennis Ball Concealed With Sharp Razors And Blades Meant To Harm Dogs Found In Park

Tennis Ball Concealed With Sharp Razors And Blades Meant To Harm Dogs Found In Park

The shocking discovery was made by a dog owner whose pup found and chewed the ball in Lyme Park, Stockport. Luckily they were not harmed. Police and park authorities are investigating the matter and an alert has been sounded to all dog owners who frequent the park

A tennis ball with concealed razors and blades inside meant to cause serious damage to dogs have been found in Lyme Park near Disley in Stockport according to a claim of a dog owner.  It is however not known yet who would have such malevolent intentions but authorities are on the lookout for any suspects. Other dog owners in and around the park or who regularly use it have been warned to keep a lookout for this specially made ball that could do some serious damage to their beloved pets. A dog owner claimed that their puppies found the ball hidden in the reeds in the park on Friday at around 6 pm.



The dog owner also said that their puppies began chewing on the ball. Soon the ball wore off revealing a sharp and brand new razor blade wedged inside the ball. Luckily, the puppies suffered no damage but just imagine the harm it could do if a dog bites into the blade. The dog owner said that they added that they "can't bear to think of the consequences" had the dogs chewed or swallowed the blades during the incident. Soon after, the police and park rangers were informed about the incident. A Facebook post by the page 'Stockport Crime Watch' shared details about the find much to the worry of many dog owners. The post stated, "This ball containing a new razor blade inside was picked up by my dogs in the reeds adjacent to the Knott car park at the far end of Lyme Park at 6.00 pm 24th May. It has been doctored by someone who evidently has malevolent intentions towards dogs. My puppies carried it back to the car and chewed it up. We found this vicious razor blade inside."



It added, "The pond life responsible may use poison or there may be more doctored balls in the vicinity. The police and the rangers at Lyme have been informed and have assigned an incident number IML410822. Please let them know of any further developments. Please be vigilant- my dogs just found this old ball set in the reeds hidden for them to find I even threw it for them! I can’t bear to think of the consequences..." Lyme Park is run by an organization called the National Trust. A spokesperson for the Trust told Manchester Evening News, “We are aware of an incident reported by a local dog walker on Friday 24 May. The matter is now being investigated by local police."


The spokesperson added. "We've informed our countryside team who will be carrying out additional checks whilst working in the wider estate.”People who read about the news were obviously angry. One Twitter handle called Chootchy Face‏ wrote a post that read: What is wrong with these people, disgusting behaviour Warning to dog owners as pets targeted with ‘vicious’ razor blades hidden in tennis balls. Another person called Lynn banks also wrote on Twitter: What the hell is wrong with this world! It's bad enough punching cats and putting razor blades in dog balls but this takes a special kind of sick monster! I'm ashamed to be a human sometimes xx.


A dog lover, Nicky R F Hughes wrote on Facebook: So upset about this, how can people be this cruel? Please be careful when you’re out and about. Another person Sandra Hayward-Lumber commented on a story on Facebook and wrote: Why would someone do this? It makes me so mad and so sad for the poor dogs.

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