UK Teens Appear To Be Mocking George Floyd's Death With An Insensitive Post

UK Teens Appear To Be Mocking George Floyd's Death With An Insensitive Post

Three teenagers from the UK appear to be mocking the gruesome death of George Floyd with a horrible Snapchat post.

Image Source: Twitter/New York Post

A group of teenagers from the UK have received severe backlash for blatantly mocking George Floyd's death on SnapChat, reports The Sun. The post appeared on Snapchat where a  guy can be seen kneeling over his friend's neck, imitating the scene where a police officer was kneeling over the 46-year-old Floyd who later died in Minneapolis.


The teens in the video can be seen laughing at the camera in the post with the caption: "Police Brutality". The photo was reportedly shared on Warwick University freshers' Facebook page and involved three kids indulging in the ridiculously insensitive act. The two guys in the picture were aged between 18 and 19 and were set to start off on a university education this year, but have been delayed due to the pandemic.


Naturally, people were enraged by this post and they gave the trio a piece of their mind. As per Daily Mail, Elesha Foord, a youngster who went to school with the three students wrote on Twitter: “Honestly when I first saw it I wasn’t that shocked. We’ve seen so much racial prejudice but it’s not a shock because we see this so much. Everyone is rightly enraged by this. I think these guys should be known and their employers should be known and take whatever action they see fit. It is a criminal offence in my view because they are making a mockery of a guy losing his life. These guys will get a second chance but George Floyd won't. Imagine being so bold as to post this on your Snapchat and not get anything back - these people need to be named and shamed.”


The three youngsters are said to be from Gateshead and reportedly attended Cardinal Hume Catholic School. More classmates came forward to explain how the kids were in school. One old classmate reportedly called them "sick pranksters". "They were very laddy. They were quite outrageous," she added. "I thought the guy who took the photo had his head screwed on a bit more but obviously not because he shared it on social media." Meanwhile, the University of Warwick defended itself in a statement to Sun Online and said: “None of the individuals involved with an offensive photograph circulated yesterday are connected to the University, as was falsely alleged, nor would they be welcomed. Such behaviour goes against the University’s principles which emphasise treating others with respect,” the institution said.


George Floyd died on May 25 after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin appeared to kneel on his neck while he protested that he couldn't breathe. According to BBC, the incident occurred at Cup Foods, a store where Floyd was a regular. The police became involved in the scene after the cashier suspected $20 Floyd paid for his groceries with to be a fake. In the 911 call made to the police dispatch, the store employee said he'd asked Floyd to return the cigarette pack he'd just bought and the latter refused to hand it over. There was a brief skirmish as the police came over as the 46-year-old refused to get into the police car, but he stopped protesting after he was handcuffed and left on the ground. However, officer Chavin arrived and put his knee on Floyd's neck for over eight minutes despite hearing cries of "I can't breathe... please, please, please" is when the death occurred.

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