Teenager Kills 'Pedophile Priest Who Abused Him', Rams Crucifix Down His Throat

Teenager Kills 'Pedophile Priest Who Abused Him', Rams Crucifix Down His Throat

Alexandre V., who is alleged to have been abused by the priest, attacked the 91-year-old Catholic Roger Matassoli

Alexandre V, 19, allegedly rammed a crucifix down the throat of a suspected pedophile priest and suffocated him. The priest died due to the assault and the young man who was allegedly abused by the priest has been arrested. Alexandre attacked 91-year-old Catholic priest Roger Matassoli while the latter was working at his home in Agnetz, Oise, northern France. Alexandre, whose full name has not been released, was taken into custody when he tried to escape in the father's car. He has been charged with torture, murder, and resisting arrest. The priest, Matassoli, had been accused of sexually abusing at least four boys. According to Daily Mail, this includes Alexandre and even Alexandre's father, between the years 1960 to 2000. 

The priest had to be shifted from the diocese of Clermont back in 1967, and the diocese of Saint-Andre-Farivillers by 1984. Then, once again, he was sent to live in Agnetz as there had been allegations of pedophilia hurled against him, Fraceinfo reports. Even so, it was found after recent investigations that despite the claims, he continued to remain under the church's payroll all the way up to 2018.

By the time the officers reached his home on November 4, the priest was already dead and his body was found with signs of torture. It was later discovered that he had suffered asphyxiation before dying. The attacker, Alexandre, was formally charged only on December 26th as he was being transferred to a hospital due to psychiatric problems. The father of the suspect, Stephane, allegedly took his own life when he had learned about the abuse. Alexandre also tried to kill himself after the abuse, French reports claim.

The psychological trauma and physical abuse were so overwhelming that Stephane said that the priest had "shattered a whole family". Following the disclosure of these events and the ongoing investigation, the police who are pursuing the case said that they've arrived at the hypothesis that this was an act of revenge. Local media states that Alexandre had allegedly told investigators that he has no recollection of the events. 

Franceinfo also reported that Colette, the sister of a man who was allegedly abused by the priest in Saint-Andre-Farivillers said that he was targeted between the ages of six and 15. She claimed that everyone in the village knew the rumors about the priest, but no one had taken any action. A photo of Matassoli was found in a landfill by the where he was stripped naked, but yet again there was no action taken. The priest had at the time claimed that it was but a souvenir from when he was 18 years old and serving in the army.

Following the murder of the priest, Beauvais bishop Jacques Benoit-Gonnin said that Matassoli had been removed from his duties back in 2009 after the abuse allegations emerged. However, there are still conflicting local media reports which also state that 2009 was the year that the priest only retired due to his old age. It was later alleged that Jacques Benoit-Gonnin had continued to keep Matassoli on the church's payroll until 2018. He wasn't removed from the payroll even after the testimony of Alexandre, Stephane, and two other victims. Reports state that the priest had been allowed to carry on working due to 'ecclesiastical errors' and due to a succession of bishops putting off handling the issue.


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