Teen With Down Syndrome Asks Girlfriend To Homecoming Dance In Beautiful 'Proposal'

Teen With Down Syndrome Asks Girlfriend To Homecoming Dance In Beautiful 'Proposal'

The two of them met when they were toddlers at a speech therapy class and since then, they have been inseparable.

Romance was in the air when a teenager went all cheesy to ask his girlfriend to accompany him to the Homecoming dance. According to People, David Matthew Cowan, a student from Seminole High School in Florida, surprised Saris Marie Garcia, his cheerleader girlfriend, during a football game on Thursday. The 19-year-old senior dashed onto the field with a bouquet, balloons, and a sign that asked his sweetheart, “Will you be my sunshine to homecoming?” Now, this is literally every girl's dream come true. In a video posted to Instagram of the sweet moment, Garcia, 18, can be seen dropping her pom-poms when she sees her boyfriend Cowan, 19. She runs over, grabs his sign, and is all smiles when she reads it.


Cowan, a true gentleman, then drops to one knee to ask her to the dance and gently kisses her hand when she agrees. The rest of Garcia’s cheerleading squad and people in the stands then erupt in loud cheers as Cowan triumphantly raises his arms in the air. It didn't take too long for the video to go viral, earning more than 280,000 views since it appeared on the platform last week. I mean, everyone found this absolutely adorable and I don't blame them. 


“That’s how they are. They are always so genuine and sweet and happy together,” Garcia’s mother, Wanda Cruz, told Fox News.  The two of them have known each other almost all their lives. They met in a speech therapy class when they were just 3-years-old. “They’ve always been together. It’s just so cute how their relationship progressed and blossomed,” Cruz said. The two of them did go to Homecoming together and they seemed to have had a ball there.


The school’s principal even brought them on stage for some special recognition. “The sweetest thing was when the principal brought them to the stage and introduced them to the school as a special couple, and the crowd went wild,” she said. “They were just jumping and screaming and cheering for them. It was so cute.” Cruz then mentioned that her daughter is also a model who works part-time. 


The couple recently had their photograph featured in Times Square for Down Syndrome Awareness month in October. “It feels amazing to share this story and also to see the impact on other families [with children with Down syndrome], how they feel inspired, and it shows them they can have a fulfilling life,” Cruz said. “They have hopes and dreams and are capable,” she added. “It’s great to promote inclusion and acceptance.”


People just couldn't stop gushing about how adorable they are together. Ashley Ingram posted on social media platform Facebook: I love this. Watched it yesterday on Instagram & cried. So sweet, such a precious and priceless moment. They’re so cute together. Jean Maselek added: Everyone deserves to be happy and loved no matter disabled or not Best of luck to them.  Blaine Elliott wrote: You know how they say some perfect couples actually start to look alike




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