16-Year-Old Boy Dies Defending Classmate From Bully: "He Did What He Thought Was Right"

16-Year-Old Boy Dies Defending Classmate From Bully: "He Did What He Thought Was Right"

Samuel Reynolds had intervened in a bullying incident. Days later, the bully shot him for doing what was right.

Image Source: Dignity Memorial/Samuel Scott Reynolds

Trigger warning: This story contains details of a murder. 

Cover Image Source: Dignity Memorial/Samuel Scott Reynolds

When Samuel Reynolds witnessed a smaller boy getting bullied, he went ahead and broke up the fight. After a few days, he was tragically shot and killed by the bully for doing what was right. Reynolds's devasted family reportedly informed the Arlington police how the 16-year-old began having problems with the suspect ever since he intervened in a bullying incident. "Our victim had broken up a fight a few days prior between what he described as a smaller boy, who was kind of being picked on. After he broke up the fight, he started having some trouble with the suspect," said Lieutenant Christopher Cook with the Arlington Police Department during a news conference.



On Thursday, last week, the suspect confronted Reynolds at the Pinewoods Apartments in Arlington, Texas. Footage from security cameras captured the suspect pulling out a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun "from the rear part of his pants he was wearing, points it at the victim and fires one round," said Lieutenant Cook, according to KXAS. Authorities arrived on the scene just after 4:30 p.m. and immediately rushed Reynolds to a nearby hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.


The teen's family, who described him as "one of the most compassionate and helpful people you could ever meet," is left heartbroken by this senseless crime. "He cared about people and he did what he thought was right," said Shay Tyes, a friend of the family. The community came together and donated thousands of dollars hoping to help the family in some way, reports The Washington Post. The high school sophomore was remembered for his "heart of gold" in countless tributes. "We are heartbroken," wrote Arlington High School principal Shahveer Dhalla in a statement. "He touched the lives of many of our Arlington students and teachers, and he will be missed,” remarked Principal Dhalla, “We are keeping our thoughts and prayers with Sam’s family and friends."


Meanwhile, the alleged shooter was arrested by the police and moved to a juvenile detention center. Although the suspect's identity has been kept a secret it is believed that he's between the ages of 13 and 15. According to KXAS the teen is also facing a murder charge, however, it remains unclear whether he will be tried as a child or an adult. Speaking of this incident that has crushed the Reynolds family and the community, Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson tweeted: This senseless act of gun violence has no place in society and our hometown community. This was an emotionally tough case for responding officers, investigators and medics. We will direct our attention to how a young teen suspect accessed a firearm used in the offense. Echoing the same sentiments, Lieutenant Cook said, "We are sick and tired of children in our community coming into contact with firearms and possessing them and using them in this type of manner. If an adult has provided this firearm, you certainly can bet that we’re going to pursue them vigorously." 


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