Teen Who Killed Disabled Sister And Left Her Body In A Dumpster Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

Teen Who Killed Disabled Sister And Left Her Body In A Dumpster Sentenced To 16 Years In Prison

The teen was only 14-years-old when he killed his sister brutally three years ago.

Image Source: Disability Memorial

17-year-old Claude Henderson II, of Reems Creek, North Carolina, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for murdering his disabled sister nearly three years ago. He slit his sister, Kayla Dezaray Hensley's, throat and left her body in a trailer park's dumpster, according to Daily Mail. Kalya was murdered on November 11, 2017, and was found with severe lacerations to her neck, which reportedly had a canvas belt wrapped around it. At the time of the murder, Claude was only 14-years-old. At the time of the murder, Kayla, who was deaf and had cerebral palsy, was 18. 


In an interview with the cops, Claude confessed to killing his sister. The investigation also revealed that Kayley was killed inside her home. After searching the home, deputies seized three knives, a box cutter, and a belt found around Hensley’s neck. According to the District Attorney's release, Claude has been sentenced to 16-25 years in the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections with credit for three years for time served since he brutally murdered his sister. At the time of the killing, Claude was charged with first-degree murder. A first-degree murder charge requires the state to prove premeditation and deliberation beyond a reasonable doubt.


However, a defense-initiated forensic psychiatric evaluation investigated whether Claude possessed the specific intent to premeditate and deliberate the murder due to his youth and immaturity, along with other diagnostic factors. If he was convicted at the time, he could have been released on parole after 25 years since he was a juvenile when he committed the crime. Claude was eventually charged with second-degree murder, as that doesn't require such proof. "My heart goes out to Kayla’s mother Susan Maltry who has shown great emotional strength and grace in working with both investigators, court personnel, and my office throughout this unspeakable tragedy."


"I wish her peace and healing," Buncombe District Attorney Todd Williams said in a press release. Despite her shortcomings, Kayla was a star employee at American Eagle where her co-workers remembered her as a "ray of sunshine", according to Disability Memorial. At the time of Hensley’s death, her heartbroken mother released a statement calling her a hero. "She was the best thing that ever happened to me and will be missed by so many," Susan Maltry said. "She is and will always be my hero. In 18 years she has [brought] me so much. Kayla was sunshine in every person she knew."


"She has overcome many downfalls in life. She was born with CP and was told she would never walk, she walked. She was born deaf, and had cochlear implants and was able to hear. If anyone told her she couldn’t, she made sure to prove them wrong. She was an amazing girl! There’s nothing I could say to make people see how truly blessed I was to have her in my life. She was and always will be my hero," she said to WLOS


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