Teen Hospitalized After A Snake Bit His Penis While He Was Using The Toilet

Teen Hospitalized After A Snake Bit His Penis While He Was Using The Toilet

”The doctor said my penis can be used as a normal soon,” revealed the teenager after he was rushed to the hospital.

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Most of us fear snakes crawling out of the toilet and biting our nether regions, and that's exactly what happened to a teenager in Thailand. According to the New York Post, a snake that crawled out of the toilet sunk its fangs into the teen's penis while he was perched atop the toilet. “I looked down and saw there was a snake hanging in the toilet,” Siraphop Masukarat, 18, told Viral Press. His near-serpent circumcision occurred Tuesday, approximately 12 miles north of Bangkok, after the reptile allegedly infiltrated the plumbing. Masukarat says he was on the toilet, watching videos when he suddenly felt a searing pain down there. 


He looked down, and much to his shock, he discovered that there was a 4-foot python attached to the tip of his penis. The horrified boy had no other option, but to stand up, with the snake still attached to his manhood. In a bid to get the snake to release its grip, Masukarat slammed the door on the snake, causing it to release its grip. Then, the teen howled in pain and rushed out of the bathroom that had blood splattered everywhere. The reptile, meanwhile, slithered back to where it came from- the toilet bowl. Since the teen was distressed, his mom tried to calm him down before she took him to the emergency room to get his injuries fixed.


Thankfully, the doctors there revealed that his wound could be fixed, and they stitched it up and sterilized it with an antibiotic wash. ”The doctor said my penis can be used as a normal soon,” gushed the grateful teen. He is now recovering from the terrifying ordeal at the hospital. As for the snake, handlers were able to bag the reptile using special equipment and release it safely back into the wild. Despite the painful experience, Masukarat's mother can't help but thank her stars that the snake was a non-venomous one and not a deadly cobra. Nonetheless, she predicts that her son “will be scared every time he goes to the toilet.”


Bea Robinson shared a personal experience on Facebook: I had a dear friend whose son discovered a snake in the 1st-floor bathroom the night before his mom was to have a large Christmas party. She let all of us know what happened and not to use that bathroom. The guy who could remove the snake could not come out until the day after her party. When we arrived for the party she had a cute sign, made by her son, saying to use the upstairs bathroom. Mandy Badalamenti Busch echoed all our sentiments: Toilet snakes are real??? I always thought this was an irrational fear of mine.


However, according to The Mirror, snakes crawling out of toilet bowls seem to be a regular occurrence in Thailand. In January this year, another woman was bitten by a snake while she was answering nature's call. Chunya Sittiwichai shared that her mom was bitten on her thigh by a snake that was coiled around the pot. When the snake bit her, the mother grabbed it in a bid to get it to loosen its grip, but it bit harder. She called out for her children to come help. "She pushed the head on the floor and screamed for my brother to get a hammer and after some hitting the snake finally stopped squeezing. My brother pulled her out of the toilet and locked the snake inside," the daughter revealed, adding that the woman was taken to the hospital and immediately treated for her injuries. 


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